Mrs. Dailey

Charlene Dailey
Classroom Phone: 269-250-8733
School Phone: 269-250-8700

Hello! I'm Mrs. Dailey, and I teach Chemistry and Forensic Science. I have a degree in Biochemistry from Michigan State University and Teacher Certification from Western Michigan UniversityI have 16 years biochemistry research experience at Upjohn / Pharmacia / Pfizer before commencing my teacher career.

I started teaching at CHS in 2005, and have been the Women's Varsity Tennis Coach since 2012.

Former students will tell you these "secrets" for success:
1. Stay organized
2. Don't fall behind, the material builds on previous chapters and staying current is always easier than catching up.
3. ASK questions if you don't understand; Mrs. Dailey is always willing to help!
4. Staying after-school (even for 10 minutes) can help a lot when needing extra assistance.
5. Review material each night, not just the night before the test.

Don't forget: CHEM-IS-TRY !!!!