Mrs. Dailey

Charlene Dailey
Classroom Phone: 269-250-8733
School Phone: 269-250-8700

Welcome to my Chemistry homepage.
This is my 11th year teaching and this year I will be teaching General Chemistry, Chemistry, and Advanced Placement Chemistry. I have 16 years biochemistry research experience at Upjohn/Pharmacia/Pfizer before commencing my teacher career.

Former students will tell you these "secrets" for success:
1. Stay organized
2. Don't fall behind, the material builds on previous chapters and staying current is always easier than catching up.
3. ASK questions if you don't understand, Mrs Dailey is always willing to help!
4. Staying after-school (even for 10 minutes) can help a lot when needing extra assistance.
5. Review material each night, not just the night before the test.

Don't forget: CHEM-IS-TRY !!!!