Ms. Daniel

Tracy Daniel
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Hello. My name is Tracy Daniel. I am in my 27th year as a Physical Education instructor for CPS. I have a bachelors degree in Physical Education from Western Michigan University, and a Masters Degree from WMU and am also a TPI Certified Fitness Professional, which I received in 2009 from the Titleist Performance Institution Certification Program in Toronto.

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It certainly has been a fast, fun and rewarding 26 years of teaching Comstock High School students how to stay fit and live a health enhanced life. My philosophy continues to be, to "INSPIRE, EDUCATE & MOTIVATE" students in the areas of health & wellness. By challenging them on all domains of this area: physical, emotional and cognitive, they definitely learn to appreciate the connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Helping CHS students understand how and why they should live a health-enhanced my mission.

I have spent countless hours researching ways to better educate and serve our students in the areas of sports training / skill development and strength & conditioning. In 1996, I attended my first National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) National Conference in Kansas City. This NSCA National Conference had a major effect on my career and the direction in which I would focus much of my teaching and energy. I was introduced to a new world of training and a research based fitness curriculum here at CHS emerged! Much of the way our Comstock HS Physical Education Strength & Conditioning program is designed is based on the information deseminated from the NSCA and the conferences, professionals and experts in the field I have come in contact with through my association with the NSCA. I have been fortunate enough to go to 6 other NSCA National Conferences and many other health, fitness, strength & conditioning and sports conferences, providing not only myself, but our students and colleagues with a wealth of knowledge. I feel that this information and my continual quest for the current and best practices in the field...sets us apart here at CHS, and more importantly provides our students and staff with the BEST practices in health & wellness! I look forward to serving the Comstock Community, students, staff and my Physical Education colleagues to the best of my ability and feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do so day in and day out! It is a priviledge to work for Comstock Public Schools, such a wonderful community and such outstanding students! I look forward to another terrific year of inspiring, education and motivating!


Yours in Health & Wellness.... Coach Daniel