Advanced PE Team Sports

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(1 trimester-1/2 credit) This course is designed to introduceteam sports and fitness activities that will help all CHS students to live a more health-enhanced life. Aerobic and anaerobic fitness, flexibility, sports fundamentals, skills, rules, strategies and sportsmanship will be emphasized. Activities will vary due to the season the class is taken and may include: soccer, volleyball, slow-pitch softball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee,weights and conditioning, speedball and team handball. Participation and a positive attitude is required!

Offered to grades 10-12.

Coach Raak with the CHS 5th Hour Team Sports students!Jake, Coach Raak, Hunter, Brad, Bailey & Chad Dom in back!

Here are some more great pics from our day of PT with the National Guard!
And some other class photos, with our WMU student teacher Mr. Raak!

Seniors in 5th hour TEAM SPORTS!