Girl's Fitness Class

Welcome to the Comstock High School

Girl's Fitness Page!

Where you will find all the important information you will need to be successful in this class!  This course is designed to get the CHS girl up and moving and educate her on how to be a strong, powerful, fit girl ready to take on anything life has to offer!  The CHS girl will fully understand the connection between a healthy body and a heathly mind after taking this class. She will be empowered to not only live a health enhanced life but will be able to posively affect the lives of others that she comes in contact with! Comstock High School girls will understand that working out aerobically and anaerobically along with proper nutrition will help them achieve a better way of life one filled with less stress, more energy and the ability to inspire others to greatness!  Now is the time for girl's to learn that the more energy you give your body, the more it will give you back. Activities or training in this class include: 

Prehab, Dynamic Warm Up or Movement Prep, Dynamic Flexibility, Cardiovascular-aerobic, Strength Training- Anaerobic activities, Circuit Training, Corework, Balance-proprioception stability work, speed and agility, pre & post testing, body composition, fitnessgram pacer work, sport psychology, yoga, some sports skills, nutrition with a food analysis project along with proper hydration & recovery, post stretching & band static work- recovery.

Daily workout logs and journal writing will be required along with goal setting.

Pictured below are the 4 keys to being successful in this class: