Ms. Esman

Shelley L. Esman

Classroom Phone: 269-250-8659
School Phone: 269-250-8600

Shelley L. Esman moved to Comstock, and attended Comstock Public Schools beginning in second grade.  Her family owned greenhouses, and Shelley spent much of her time helping the family with the bedding plants. 

Shelley L. Esman has taught for Comstock Public Schools for 26+ years. She began her career as a first grade teacher and has taught multi-age classrooms and regular classrooms in grades first through eighth. For the past 7 years she has been the Instructional Coach at Northeast Middle school where she impacts instruction and student achievement in a variety of ways. She models best practice instruction, coaches, observes and provides feedback, and trains teachers in all content areas how to better teach reading and writing, how to increase engagement, and how to analyze assessment data. She facilitates assessments, collects, distributes and leads the analysis of DIBEls, AIMSweb, NWEA, M-Step, STAR, Delta Math and Explore. She has accumulated over ten years experience facilitating professional development on literacy, classroom management, and best practice instruction.

Summer of 2015 was her sixth time to participate in the Third Coast Writing Project. The summers of 2013, 2014, and 2015 she was involved as part of the instructional team.

Shelley has a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education, Masters of Art in Reading, and the Reading/ Literacy Specialist K-12 Endorsement. In addition she has accumulated 40+ credits in a variety of writing, math, student engagement, classroom management, and best practice classes. She began teaching English 3690 at Western Michigan University in the fall of 2014. She enjoys teaching future teachers and adult fitness classes at Borgess Health and Fitness.