Mr. Kirksey

David Kirksey

That Crazy Mr. Kirksey
Classroom Phone: 269-250-8626
School Phone: 269-250-8600

Hello, my name is David Kirksey. I have been teaching in Comstock Public Schools since the 2010 - 2011 school year. I have been fortunate enough to teach math and/or science to fifth grade students, seniors in high school, and every grade in between. Prior to working at Comstock, I taught in Schoolcraft Community Schools as well as Muskegon Public Schools.

I was born and raised in Muskegon. As a starry eyed youth, I dreamed of one day working for NASA. This goal drove me to the University of Michigan where I began to pursue a degree in engineering. Little did I know that, while tutoring fellow engineering students, I would fall in love with teaching. The passion and love of learning that I felt on that day has not faded. I abandoned engineering and became a teacher. There has not been a single day since that I have regretted this choice.

My wife, Ashley, and I have two daughters: Tallulah (four years old) and Clementine (born in June). When I am not teaching I enjoy spending time outdoors. Some of my favorite activities include: riding bikes, swimming, soccer, and hockey. I look forward to another year teaching 7th grade math at Comstock Northeast Middle School.