7th Grade Computers

Unit 1 - Online Game Evaluations
We will begin this semester with a unit that asks students to evaluation a website they visit quite often - coolmath-games.  Students will be playing over thirty games in class, then they will rank them based on how well they enjoyed playing the game.  We will discuss how different people use different qualities of games to evaluate them, and that we rate games based on what we think is the most important aspect of the game.

Unit 2 - Google Drawings
This unit will introduce (or re-introduce) students to Google Drawings.  Part of the Google Suite, this program gives users a blank drawing canvas where they can create lots of different things.  We will begin by building compound shapes out of simple shapes, then move on to creating detailed pictures using both simple and compound shapes.  Each picture will be unique based on your student's imagination.  Finally we will practice using Drawing to produce illustrations that can be used in other applications like Google Docs.

Unit 3 - Google Docs

Unit 4 - Google Slides