7th Grade Computers

Unit 1 - Google Docs
We will begin the semester with the most commonly used program in the Google Suite - Docs.  Students add to they already know about formatting text and documents.  By the end of this unit students will be able to create and edit documents as well as work with lists, tables, and images.

Unit 2 - Google Drawings
This unit will introduce (or re-introduce) students to Google Drawings.  Part of the Google Suite, this program gives users a blank drawing canvas where they can create lots of different things.  We will begin by building compound shapes out of simple shapes, then move on to creating detailed pictures using both simple and compound shapes.  Each picture will be unique based on your student's imagination.  Finally we will practice using Drawing to produce illustrations that can be used in other applications like Google Docs.

Unit 3 - Google Sheets
This unit will will introduce students to working with a spreadsheet program, and all the amazing things it can help them complete.  We will create and modify charts as we learn about how this program can be used in several different classes.  If we have time, we will begin using simple formulas which can make Sheets a really powerful program.

Unit 4 - Google Slides
The final unit of the semester will be a re-introduction (for most students) to Google Slides.  We will begin with simple projects while we practice changing how things look and how they behave.  We will quickly move into independent projects where students will become the expert and teach me about things that are important to them.