Famous Scientist Webquest

Ms. Morris’s Famous Scientist Webquest

 Wanted: Famous Scientists

Famous Scientist Wanted Poster Webquest

DUE: Friday, May 26


Below you will find a list of scientists that you will choose from.

Lower on this page, you will find a list of websites that will assist you in finding the necessary information for your poster. This page also has the list of important facts that you will be researching for and include on your poster.


Here is the list of scientists....


1. Archimedes

2. Aristotle

3. Armstrong, Neil

4. Bell, Alexander

5. Blackwell, Elizabeth

6. Carson, Rachel

7. Carver, George Washington

8. Curie, Marie

9. Darwin, Charles

10. Edison, Thomas

11. Einstein, Albert

12. Fleming, Alexander

13. Galileo

14. Gates, Bill

15. Goodall, Jane

16. Hooke, Robert

17. Irwin, Steve

18. Kepler, Johann

19. Leakey, Louis

20. Leeuwenhoek, Anton Van

21. Linnaeus, Carl

22. Mendel, Gregor

23. Mendeleev, Dmitri

24. Newton, Sir Issac

25. Nightingale, Florence

26. Pasteur, Louis

27. Planck, Max Karl

28. Ride, Sally

29. Sagan, Carl

30. Wright, Orville & Wilbur


Required Content

Below is a list of the information you need to search for. You should include all of this information in your poster. Ms. Morris will provide you with poster paper. You will place it  on a piece of construction paper to make it sturdy. You may bring a real poster-board from home if you'd like to.

If you are having trouble locating specific information on yours scientist, please see Ms. Morris for help. Otherwise, have fun researching and learning all about your scientist!


  • First, Middle, and Last name of scientist
  • Picture(s) of your scientist and what they were famous for (include a DRAWING of the invention, if they had one)
  • Birthday
  • One sentence for why they are famous
  • In what country was he/she born?
  • Where did they do their work?
  • When did they die? Or, if still alive, how old are they now?
  • Write about their accomplishments (3-5 sentences in your own words)
  • Find a quote by your scientist
  • Where did they go to school?
  • What other jobs did they perform?
  • Family history: spouse, parents, children, brother, sisters, etc.
  • What else was happening in history when the scientist became famous?
  • Did any other scientists work with him/her?
  • Are there any museums or other places named after your scientist? Is so, where is it?


Websites for Research


Use the following websites to assist in your research and collection of necessary information. Not every website listed will include the scientist you are researching, so be sure to browse through several sites.


Ask Jeeves: www.ask.com

Biography: www.biography.com

Biography List:


Treasure Trove Biography: http://scienceworld.wolfram.com/biography/

Distinguished Women: www.distinguishedwomen.com

People of Ideas:


Famous Astronomers:



Mug Shots:


Quotes: www.quotationspage.com

More Quotes: www.quoteland.com



Your final product that will be turned in is the poster.

Again please be sure to include all of the necessary information from your research.

Follow the following guidelines when creating your poster:

1. Place poster on a piece of construction paper to make it sturdy.

2. Include all information from the list you had to research.

3. Please be neat and creative when putting it all together.

4. Make sure your NAME is on the poster, in the bottom right corner.