Above and Beyond

Aesthetic Education

I am North Elementary's Aesthetic Educator (AE) Coordinator.  The AE Program is part of Education for the Arts (EFA).  Throughout the year, professional artists work with AE trained teachers to create inquiry-based lessons.  Students must use critical thinking skills which prepare them to experience various Works of Art.

North Elementary's Trained Aesthetic Education Teachers:

TEAM 1 - 

Ms. Buscher (Kdg.)

Mrs. Zebarah (Kdg.)

Miss Appel (1st) 

Miss Morande (1st)

Mrs. Zolp (1st)

TEAM 2 -

Mrs. Storteboom (2nd) 

Mrs. Juzwiak (2nd) 

Ms. Costello (3rd)

Mrs. Snead (3rd) with Mrs. Standal

Ms. Macias (4th) with Mrs. Shreve 

If you'd like to see the upcoming Works of Art coming to Kalamazoo County, please contact Mrs. Shreve or refer to the EFA Rep site.

Thank you to all the professional artists, teachers, and students who insure our Aesthetic Education Program is successful.  Thank you to the Education for the Arts Program which makes this all possible.

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Girls on the Run

Since 2007, I've been involved with Girls on the Run (GOTR) Program either as a coach, liaison, or both.  Since North Elementary has two teams, I'm the liaison who insures both teams have everything they need to be successful and fun.  The program is offered to third through fifth grade girls.  It helps them build their character, confidence, and self-esteem through a variety of lessons.  With the help from their coaches, the girls also prepare to run or walk the GOTR 5K scheduled in May.  

If your daughter is in THIRD or FOURTH grade, please consider signing them up for Girls on the Run!!  Details about Girls on the Run registration will be provided during the month of October of each year.  Online registration for the upcoming spring season will open during the month of November each year.  Paper packets will be available upon request. If you have any questions, please contact me (W. Shreve).


Girls on the Run Online Registration LINK

North Elementary has 2 teams of 8 - 9 third and fourth graders.

If you'd like to assist these teams or support them during their practice 5K or the actual GOTR 5K, feel free to contact me (Mrs. Shreve) for more information.  You may also access some GOTR documents through my Handouts link.  Contact the coaches for the practice schedules. 

Thank you to the volunteer GOTR coaches and assistants who insure this inspiring program can exist at North Elementary.