Child Find Notice

Child Find is a service of the Comstock Public Schools. We work closely with medical, educational and other community agencies to locate individuals with unmet educational or developmental needs.

Child Find seeks to identify and refer individuals with special needs, birth through age 25, for evaluation and possible special assistance, unless a student has previously earned a high school diploma.

Any parent or caregiver who has a concern about their child's development may call Comstock Public School Special Education Department at 269-250-8925. There is no charge for evaluations or services.

For children birth-5 aged, before September 1st:

Free evaluations are offered through Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Area in the areas of:

  • Audiology (hearing)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Speech and Language

For children over the age of 5, after September 1st:
Free evaluations are conducted by the school district where the child attends..

Updated: November 30,2020

Comstock Public Schools Child Study Process

Students may be referred to Child Study if they are not making academic or behavioral progress for an extended period of time and multiple interventions have been attempted, modified, and reviewed. There is a slightly different path to Child Study depending on the reason for the referral. The processes are outlined below:

Students are benchmark tested and progress monitored on a regular basis for those students whose scores indicate a need for it. During PLC’s, data is reviewed and interventions are modified to meet students’ academic needs on a weekly basis.

1) Identify - The grade-level PLC team will identify students whose scores have flat-lined.

2) Create Interventions - The team, including the parent(s) will create interventions that will last approximately six weeks.

3) Track Data - The team will meet weekly to review progress related to the specific intervention. If an intervention is successful and the student is making gains, there is no additional action required except to continue monitoring data at weekly PLC’s.

4) Review Data - After six weeks, the team will decide if the student should continue with the current intervention or start a new intervention. If three separate academic interventions have been attempted with little or no gains made, the student may be referred to Child Study to discuss next steps (outside resources, possibile testing, 504 Plan, etc.)

Most Child Study referrals are related to academic concerns. However, there are times when students might be referred for behavior concerns. Below you will find some clarification about the Child Study process related to student "behavior." 

1) Identify - If you have a student struggling with behavior, they should first be referred to the behavior team using the referral on the Hub.

2) Create Interventions - The team, including the parent(s) will work to create an appropriate intervention.

3) Track Data - The behavior team and teacher will work together to track data related to the intervention.

4) Review Data - If the intervention is unsuccessful, the team will create additional interventions to address the target behaviors.

5) Team Meeting - Once three separate interventions have been attempted, the behavior team, teacher, and administrative team will meet to review data and create an action plan for the student. At this meeting we will decide if the student should be referred to Child Study or find alternative resources to meet the student's needs. This could include: outside resources, possibile testing, 504 Plan, etc.

6) Refer - Administration may refer a student to Child Study for behavioral concerns.