Varsity Girls Golf

Coach Tracy Daniel

Deb Dart Memorial Tournament Champions

FRONT ROW - Coach Tracy Daniel, Kelci Sanchez, Ari Stewart, Megan Sims,
Ashley Stowers, Amanda McCulloch, Asst. Coach Jenny Carson
NOT PICTURED - Veronica Anderson


Individual Highlights

Ashley Stowers - Team Most Improved Player, Team Captain's Award, Team Captain
Ari Stewart - HM Wolverine Conference, Team Rookie of the Year Award
Megan Sims - Team Coach's Award, Team Most Dedicated Award


 Game Information

8-17 - Gull Lake Tournament at Bedford Valley GC

1. Ashley Stowers  112 [54/58]

2. Ariana Stewart 107 [53/54]

4. Megan Sims 122 [66/56]

8-18 - Greater Kalamazoo Tournament at Stonehedge North

4. Ariana Stewart 110   [50/60]

5. Megan Sims  106  [51/55]

8-22 - Three Rivers Jamboree at Sauganash

1. Ashley Stowers 61

2. Ariana Stewart 50 (made top 10!  finished tied for 9th)

3. Megan Sims 58

4. Kelci Sanchez 71

JV:  Mandy McCulluch  61 (11th out of 28!)

Team tied for 7th with Dowagiac we had no 5th golfer score to count so placed 8th out of 9 with a total score of 240!  Great job by Ariana making top 10 in her 1st Wolverine Conference event!

8-24 - Dowagiac Jamboree at Indian Lake

1. Ashley Stowers  53

2. Ariana Stewart 55

3. Megan Sims 59

4. Kelci Sanchez 70

5. Mandy McCulluch 59

Team took 7th out of 9 with a team total of 226, knocking off 14 strokes from the last jamboree!  Nice to have Mandy came up and play varsity!  We sure need her!  Great job!

8-29 - South Haven Jamboree at HawksHead


1. Ashley Stowers  66

2. Ariana Stewart 55

3. Megan Sims 62

4. Kelci Sanchez 78

5. Mandy McCulluch 58

Team placed 8th out of 9 with a team total of 241. Very tough day for the Colts. Played the back 9 for the first time at Hawkshead, lots of tall grass and bunkers.  Ari was only 2 shots out of top ten, and Mandy only 5!  We stopped on way home and had putting lesson with Ridgeview Pro, Nancy (Queen) Nagle! Next up is our doubleheader!

8-31 - Allegan Jamboree at Cheshire Hills

1. Ariana Stewart  49

2. Megan Sims  53

3. Ashley Stowers 50

4. Mandy McCulluch 54

5. Kelci Sanchez  68

Team placed 6th out of 9 with a team total of 207 (best of season)!  Shortest course of the year, and first team conference has played Cheshire. Fun course, again Ari was 2 strokes out of top 10 and broke into 40's!  Nice to see all of us play below our averages and move down a spot to 6th!

8-31 - Otsego Jamboree at Prairiewood

1. Ariana Stewart  55

2. Megan Sims  51

3. Ashley Stowers 53

4. Mandy McCulluch 57

5. Kelci Sanchez  53

Team again placed 6th out of 9 with a 212.  Prairiewood is a tight course, you need to manage it well.  Pleased with how we did! Great round by Kelci, knocking off 25 strokes from Monday!  Incredable! Megan also played well!  For a young team we are coming on strong!  Must keep our focus and continue to work hard in practice...our short game emphasis in practice yesterday paid off today! Can't wait to see how these girls will continue to work towards achieving and surpassing their goals! 

9-9 Family, Teacher & friends scramble at Hickory Ridge

Congratulations to Team Sims for shooting a -4 (29) and winning this years scramble! Players were Megan, Mindy & Mike Sims and Caren Dermody!  Event winners were: Longest drive:    women-Ariana Stewart, men-Scott Anderson Closest to the pin:  women-Pat Ashby, Men- Lee Stewart  Longest Putt: women-Megan Sims, men-John Scholly 

9-13 - Comstock Jamboree at Eastern Hills


1. Ariana Stewart  57

2. Megan Sims  54

3. Ashley Stowers 53

4. Mandy McCulluch 61

5. Kelci Sanchez  59

Team placed 8th/9 with a 225.  Tough day for the Colts!  We will come back and play better at Plainwell! 

9-14 - Plainwell Jamboree at Lake Doster


1. Ariana Stewart  52

2. Megan Sims  71

3. Ashley Stowers 55

4. Mandy McCulluch 62

5. Kelci Sanchez  74

Team placed 6th/9 on a terrible day for golf!  Rainy and 48 degrees!  Miserable!!!! Girls bounced back up to 6th. Lots of big scores on a day like this! Doster is tough enough without horrible conditions!  GO COLTS!

9-16 - Deb Dart Memorial Tny at Hickory Ridge


Tourney Results:

Team Standings:

1. Comstock 168

2. Portage Central       181

3. St. Joe                       192

4. Plainwell                       196

5. Gull Lake                   198

6. Vicksburg                   220

7. Big Rapids         DNF

8. Portage Northern DNF


1. Megan Sims   39 C

2. Ariana Stewart   41 C
  Abbie Losiewski 41 PL

4. Erica Nuyen   43   PL

    Veronica Anderson     43   C

6. Maddie Paul               44   SJ

Emma Dire                 44   SJ

8. Mandy McCulluch     45   C

    Shana Pflibsen         45  PC

    Rebecca Adnres       45  PC

The CHS Girl's golf team wins with an unbelievable 168!!!! 

1. Ariana Stewart 41

2. Megan Sims 39 (medalist)

3. Mandy McCulluch  45

4. Veronica Anderson  43

The team wins the Deb Dart Memorial JV Tournament with a 168!  Defeat 7 other teams and all 4 players medal, with Megan Sims 1st, Ariana Stewart 3rd, Veronica Anderson 4th & Mandy McCulluch 8th!  It was a great day to be a Colt...thanks to my mom for helping out, Lee Stewart for bringing the Powerade and helping out, Tony McCulluch for the snacks, coach Carson for helping and Captain Ashley Stowers & playa Kelci Sanchez for their assitance!  35 girls competed...Deb Dart would have loved it, and I am sure was looking down from heaven very pleased!  Thanks to Dave Dart and Hickory Ridge for letting us host this wonderful event and play on their great golf course!  Way to go COLTS!

9-21 - Vicksburg Jamboree at Angels Crossing


Comstock   7
Ashley Stowers 57
Ariana Stewart 52
Megan Sims 59
Veronica Anderson 69
Mandy McCulloch 72
  Total 237

Team placed 7th / 9.... on a super tough course and windy day!  Great learning experience for next year, this is the type of course you need to play a few times to get to know the BIG greens and the tricky layout!  Congrats to Freshman Ariana Stewart for placing in the top 10, her 52 put her at #10!!! 

9-22 - Comstock Kate Kwasny Memorial invite at Yarrow

Tourney Results:

Team Standings:

1. Hastings 188

2. Portage Northern   220

3. Gull Lake   222

4. Plainwell 235

5. Comstock 241

6. Vicksburg DNF

7. BC Harper Creek DNF

Top ten:

1. Gabrielle Shipley 40 H

2. Kylie Nemetz 41  H

3. Darby Wagner 45  PL

4. Jozlin Johnson 46  HC

5. Danielle Meredith 48  H

6. Cydney Martell   50  GL

7. LIndsey Heemsoth 52  HC

  Courtney Gilmore   52  HC

  Alyssa Alman   52  PN

10. Hadlee Hoeksema  53  GL


Comstock Results:

1. Ariana Stewart 56

2. Megan Sims  62

3. Ashley Stowers 56

4. Kelci Sanchez 73

5. Veronica Anderson  67

Team placed 5th out of 7 with a 241. This is an amazing event that we host at Beautiful Yarrow Golf & Conference Center in Augusta. Steve Helner, Yarrow Pro really treats us special and we try to make this a 1st class event for all the young ladies!  It is a lynx style course and again extremely tough.  The team has played 2 very difficult golf courses in 2 days, plus a rough scrimage!  Again, this is all a learning experience!  I know it will make us tougher!  It was very fun!  Nice dinner & awards after!  Ari & Ashley finished only 3 shots out of top 10!!!

9-26 - Paw Paw Jamboree at Lake Cora Hills

1. Ariana Stewart 54

2. Ashley Stowers 51

3. Megan Sims  52

4. Kelci Sanchez 57

5. Veronica Anderson  63

Team placed 7th /9 with a 214, and looked great in our brand new Sun Moutnain golf bags. Good to see Ash come back 10 stroked better than last week and Kelci shoot in the 50's! Heading into the Conference Tny at Lake Cora we are now tied with Three Rivers for 7th place. Need to play well to move up! Weather could be a factor, as it is supposed to be awful!  Man, September has been a rainy cold month!

9-29 - WOLVERINE CONFERENCE Tournament at Lake Cora Hills 


1. Ariana Stewart 44-57= 101

2. Ashley Stowers 51-53=104

3. Megan Sims  52-62=114

4. Veronica Anderson 55-57=112

5. Mandy McCulluch 64-80=144

We moved up the start time to 9:00 and that was a wise move as the rain, wind, sleet hail came in the afternoon and we JUST got it in. The team shot a 431 which placed us 6th on the day placing u 7th overall in the final Wolverine conference standings. We  defeated South Haven, Three Rivers and Dowagiac (only 2 players). With everyone returning next year, I discussed with the team that with work and dedication we should be determined to be in the Top 3 next year and who knows maybe even Conference CHAMPS!  These girls have the potential to do it, if they work hard in the off-season, stay positive and WANT IT! 

Congrats to Ariana...she did what she had to do, to remain in the top 17 (she finished in 15th place) and was named Honorable Mention All-Conference in her freshman year!  Way to go Ari!  [FYI...Top 12 girls make 1st Team All-Conference, next 5 are HM.] 

Next up are 2 beautiful and challenging golf courses and great / fun events!  Can't wait to see how we play these outstanding courses!  We must remember to stay in the moment and "UNDER - REACT"! GO COLTS!!! 

10-3 - Hackett Invitational at Kalamazoo Country Club

1. Ariana Stewart 52-53= 105

2. Ashley Stowers 56-53=109

3. Megan Sims  64-55=119

4. Veronica Anderson 77-65=142

5. Kelci Sanchez 77-76=153

Great experience for the team to play a course of this caliber, even though we took last place in this tourney, it was still a valuable learing experience!  The greens were lightning fast and it was a super hilly course, alot of crazy lies with uphill, downhill lies. This will help us going into Thursday's regionals up in Byron Center!

10-6 - MHSAA REGIONALS at Railside Country Club

1. Ariana Stewart 64-79 = 143

2. Ashley Stowers 53-59=112

3. Megan Sims 57-60=117

4. Mandy McCulluch 62-64=126

5. Veronica Anderson 64-59=123

The CHS girl's golf team finished their season by shooting a 475 and taking 10th place (out of 13) in the Division 4 Regional Tournament in Byron Center at beautiful but super tough Railside Country Club!  The girl's were definitely challenged by this tricky course and fought hard all day.  Low player on the team was Junior Captain Ashley Stowers. On the way the team set some goals for next year to make it to STATE and get into the top 3 in the conference... shooting for Conference Champs!  With everyone returning the only thing in their way will be not working in the off season and summer to achieve the improvement necessary to get there! 

Great season girls...FIRE UP FOR 2012!  GO COLTS!

Junior Mandy McCulluch gets a hole-in-one in practice at Eastern Hills #4 at 147 yds.