Enrollment Info

How do I enroll my son/daughter at Comstock High School!?
What paperwork do I need to bring?

In order to enroll, the following documents must be provided by the parent/guardian at the time of your appointment: 

  1. Original Certified Birth Certificate - It is necessary for all new enrollees, in any grade, to provide to the school within 30 days of enrolling a certified birth certificate.  If the parent/legal guardian fails to provide a birth certificate within 30 days, we are required by law to notify the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Department. The purpose of this regulation is not to delay enrollment, but to provide a method of tracking the increasing number of missing children within the United States.

  2. Immunization Records - A copy of your student's immunization records signed by a physician or health facility must be provided.  Since 1978, state law requires each new entrant to the school district in grades K-12 have a certificate of current immunization at the time of registration or not later than the first day of school. If immunizations are needed, the Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services offers a clinic, no appointment needed.  Call them at 373-5238 or 373-5264 for more information. 

  3. Proof of Residency in Comstock School District  - Your student must reside with a parent or legal guardian that resides in the Comstock Public School District, or be accepted as a School of Choice 105/105c student.  Proof of residency is mandatory and can be provided in the following documents that list your name, address and are dated within the last 30 days.

    • Lease agreement

    • Home purchase agreement

    • Rent receipt

    • Utility bill

  4. Legal Guardianship Papers  if the student does not reside with a parent listed on the birth certificate.

  5. Copy of Transcript from previous school showing credits/grades to date (If entering the 9th grade, please provide student's 8th grade report card for the previous school year.)

  6. Withdrawal Sheet from previous school including classes/grades to date if coming to Comstock High School after the beginning of the school year.

Other Very Important information to bring when enrolling your child:

  • Emergency contact names/numbers including work phone and cell phone numbers

  • Doctor's name and phone number

  • Name, address, phone fax numbers of previous school attended IF outside the Kalamazoo County area

After you have all the paperwork, please contact Karen Hummel at 250-8703 to set up an appointment.  Please bring your student with you and expect the appointment to last 30 - 45 minutes.    

We look forward to helping you and your student!