3D Printer Build and Learn Workshop

3D Printer Workshop
Photo of the March Workshop, 7 printers all went to their new happy homes!
3D Printer Build and Learn Workshop
Ultimaker Original+


Workshop Dates/Registration Deadline We are planing new dates for 2018, contact us at the address below for info.

Location: Comstock Public Schools Administration Building, 3010 Gull Road, Kalamazoo MI, 49048

Two day workshop for teams of 1-3 people (we strongly encourage tech and teaching staff to unite). You will leave owning one of the highest rated 3D printers on the market. Become a 3D printing leader in your district, youth center, small business, or basement. This workshop is a unique chance to become a self sufficient 3D printing master in just two days.

Cost :

  • Workshop and All Hardware $1,870+tax (This includes Ultimaker Original+ KIT, one spool of PLA, and tools) If you are not tax exempt, the MI sales tax will be $102. We can accept all major credit cards but prefer POs

Register by calling

Mark Peeters, Technology Director, 269-250-8885


WHAT is a Build and Learn Workshop?

This workshop is a unique chance to become a self sufficient 3D printing master in just two days. It’s 2 days for a team of 1-3 people to fully assemble the Ultimaker Original+ kit and learn how to use and maintain the printer. At the end of these two days the team will leave with:

  • a fully functional 3D printer (the Ultimaker Original+)

  • the skills and hands-on knowledge to keep the printer running day in and day out

  • software knowledge of basic and advanced “slicing settings” for printing (CURA)

  • USB thumb drive with all the programs, documentation and models

  • connection to a community of local users including the workshop leaders


This workshop is just the first step in creating capacity for 3D printing at your school, business, club, or basement. We have found crucial component to an active program is empowering building level people to run their own print jobs, do basic maintenance, and troubleshoot any issues. I have found over last 2 years that the absolute fastest and best way to create this building level expertise is to have a local team of 2-3 people assemble the printer from the ground up. This way they have first hand experience and understanding of how the printer works, how to run print jobs, and how to maintain the printer.
The kits we will be assembling are beautifully engineered and the finished printers strike a wonderful balance between high quality and hackability. Team members only need to use basic tools such as a pliers and a screwdriver. We will need to handle 3M nuts (1/4 inch size nuts). There is NO soldering, NO wires to strip, NO saws or power tools.

WHO should consider coming? 
This workshop is designed for teams of 1-3 people. It’s open to anyone who wants to become a 3D printing leader for their school, youth center, small business, or basement. For the best experience, team members should already know how to use a pliers, and screwdriver and have the fine motor skills to handle M3 nuts and bolts (~1/4 inch size nuts..not bad really). And that’s about it, NO soldering, NO wires to strip, NO saws or power tools. The 2nd day will focus on software use and printing objects, so participants should consider bringing their own laptop. Participants will need be able to install software on their laptops. Laptops will be provided for teams that need them (win7).

WHERE will the workshop be held?

The workshops will be held at: Comstock Public Schools Administration Building, 3010 Gull Road, Kalamazoo MI, 49048. The Administration building is close to many fine local and chain restaurants. Light snacks will be provided, and participants will be on their own for lunch and dinner.

WHY the Ultimaker Original+?

I’ve been closely following the 3D printer market since 2011 and have been using 3 different brands of printers since 2013 at the Comstock STEM Academy. Based on these experiences, I’m choosing the Ultimaker printer since it’s by far the best for schools and clubs...as in... most accurate, fastest, easy to maintain, low downtime, large enough build area to keep up with a class of 25-30 kids, great support, very active global community, immaculately engineered, fully open source (no limits to the learning potential due to trade secrets), the box shape helps keep kid’s fingers out of the way, easily put on a cart and wheeled down the hall, winner of many 3d printer awards over the years, including MAKE: Magazine’s Most Accurate and Fastest Award, and Best Open Hardware Award.

Ulitmaker Original+ short video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWZi_rvBJ6o

Ulitmaker Original+ website- https://www.ultimaker.com/products/ultimaker-original

To sum up, the Ultimaker printers strike a perfect balance between reliability, durability and cost. They meet the most important selection criteria (for schools) IMHO:

1. Low downtime and everything end user serviceable. (When the printer is down no one is happy.)

2.Precision and accuracy (To insure that all kids get a good print of their model, the 1st model should be just as nice as the 500th model)

3.Speed and Build Volume (When printing for a class of over 25 kids, you need to print several objects at a time. The 8x8x8inch build volume allows for that.)

4. PLA printing (non-toxic fumes and bio-degradable)5. Open Source (No limits to student’s involvement and depth or tinkering.)

ABOUT the presenter:

Mark G. Peeters, 3D print artist, technician and educational advisor. Comstock Public School, Technology Director peetersm@comstockps.org, 269-250-8885

In 2013 Comstock Public Schools opened a K-­5 STEM Academy and it was my good fortune to be selected as the person who would become the in-­house expert in 3D printing. I was able to leverage a lifetime of mechanical skills, a deep love of mathematics, a familiar understanding of digital art/design tools, and an educational background to get three printers up and running for the start of the school year. Since then I have been collaborating with teachers to develop 3D printing lessons and activities for students K-12. (this is still on going ) During the 2013-14 school year alone we sent home over 750 printed objects. I was very pleased to witness how engaged students became in engineering, art and mathematics when the final product is their own 3D printed object. Not only were students more excited to engage in the standard content but they retained the concepts better.

I see an opportunity to share our success by offering low the cost of 3D printing workshops for schools, youth clubs, small businesses, basement tinkerers, etc. These workshops are designed for a team of 1-3 people (tech/educators/helpers) because I strongly feel 3D printing in schools works best as a team effort.

I have become an active contributor to the 3D printing community. I co-presented two sessions at the 2015 NSTA STEM Forum and Expo on the elementary level lessons I helped develop. In addition I was asked to do a guest blog post for Youmagine.com and interviewed by 3dprint.com.

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I plan to publish more as time allows, but working with the STEM Academy I am creating faster than I can publish and share. :-)