Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Public Input

The Board of Education is currently seeking stakeholder and public input regarding the revision and five-year renewal of our strategic plan. Please review the current draft for a 2021-25 Strategic Plan as well as the previous plan, outlined below; if you would like to contribute to the revision of the current plan, you may do so at a future meeting, or  by sending an E-mail to our Superintendent.

In November 2016, the Comstock Board of Education adopted new mission, vision, and belief statements, and also identified 5 goals.

Find the details below, including links to two PowerPoint Presentations which help to provide a few more details about  this information.

The mission of Comstock Public Schools is to serve our community by supporting, inspiring, and challenging every person within the school district to reach their full potential through education.

The vision of Comstock Public Schools is to be an educational community where every person is empowered to reach their full potential.

We Believe:

  • All students have the ability to learn
  • We prepare students for their future and foster lifelong learning
  • In evidenced based decision making
  • We can meet the needs of each student
  • Education is a community effort
  • Diversity is valuable

Goal Area 1: Academics/Programs

Goal Statement: Comstock Public Schools will improve educational outcomes for all students through the efficient and effective use of student data, academic programing, and school calendars.

First Year Objectives:
• Pivot/Data Warehouse will be uploaded and staff will be trained to use it. 
• State assessment proficiency will increase by 20%. 

Goal Area 2: Learning Environment/Culture

Goal Statement: Comstock Public Schools will develop a school community that supports the whole student through active learning, leadership, academics, healthy lifestyles, and the arts.

First Year Objectives:
• Identify universal support systems in all buildings. (ie. Leader in Me)
• Reduce out of school suspensions.

Goal Area 3: Personnel/Leadership

Goal Statement: Comstock Public Schools will develop and implement an ongoing process to review and update personnel policies, practices and funding allocations to support recruitment, retention and development of high quality staff.

First Year Objectives:
• Document and communicate responsibilities for HR staff.
• Implement employee handbook.
• Create and communicate compensation philosophy and policy.
• Budgeting process - develop a 5-year forecasting plan.

Goal Area 4: Communication/Community Engagement

Goal Statement: Comstock Public Schools will develop and implement a plan to actively communicate through a variety of venues, media and systems across the district, community and county positively and effectively. 

First Year Objectives:
• Marketing plan is established and includes positive monthly press featured on Mlive and TV.
• Survey results show 20% increase in communication satisfaction.
• Increase IC portal/notification parent and student users by 20%.

Goal Area 5: Operations

Goal Statement: Comstock Public Schools will develop a comprehensive, proactive, prioritized building and equipment maintenance program including funding, staffing and technology.

First Year Objectives:
• Building improvements.
• Address needs not included in current bond projects.
• Technology replacement schedule.
• Bus replacement schedule.

To help ensure success in implementing our mission, vision, beliefs, and goals, our district plans to:

  • Align the Strategic Plan with the District/School Improvement Plans
  • Align the Strategic Plan with the 2016-17 Budget and beyond
  • Develop and implement a reporting/Board monitoring calendar
  • Develop and implement an internal/external communications plan
  • Develop and implement action plans for each identified objective
  • Create opportunities for stakeholder involvement
  • Schedule a One-Year Renewal with the original planning team participants

PDF Comstock SP Summary 2-page Nov 2016.pdf
PDF Comstock Final SP Presentation Nov 2016.pdf