Open Enrollment GED Classes

Open Enrollment GED Classes
GED ClassesComstock Compass High School offers classes to earn your GED certificate. The GED will measure four content areas — literacy, science, social studies, and math.

We offer preparation classes during the following times:

Monday-Thursday from 8-11 am
Monday-Thursday from Noon-3pm
Monday-Thursday from 3:30-7:00pm
On Fridays there is an open lab from 9am-1pm

Students (ages 20+) who sign up for classes pay a fee of $20 per enrollment. This fee will be refunded for students who pre- and post-test. 

Students who take the GED tests without taking the classes pay a fee of $150.

Students must have a government-issued PHOTO ID and payment when registering. An appointment must be made to fill out paperwork and make payment. Testing dates will be determined each semester. We offer testing times during the day and evening. If you opt to take the tests only, we accept cash, money order, or credit card payment. 

If you wish to study off-campus, is a great place to practice and increase your skills. 

CALL TODAY to make an appointment: 269-250-8930