STEM Student Podcast Projects

STEM Academy Student Podcast Project
Posted on 02/25/2021
STEM Academy Student Podcast Project

 STEM Academy middle school music students created podcasts as part of a recent unit of study using the digital audio workshop Soundtrap. Students selected their podcast format, their interview topics, and created the interview questions. After studying the “art of the interview,” students conducted their interviews.

The podcasts were edited into a final project which includes opening & closing statements, music interludes to mark transitions, as well as sound effects to add depth to the listening experience. 

Ms. Raines began her own podcast “When Ms. Raines, it Pours” alongside the students to use as the exemplar, and has decided to continue the podcasts beyond the unit. For now, she is focusing her podcast on the teachers of STEM Academy.

Ryan B. interviews his mom about Tetris


Tyler talks with Evan about sports and life


Kaitlyn interviews her twin sister


Katherina interviews her twin sister


DeVay interviews her Dad about starting a business 


DeVay interviews her Mom - Why did you want to become a teacher?


Angeline interviews Ava about sports


Elizabeth interviews her uncle about his job


Michael interviews his Mom about Vacations


Isabella - Winter Break Interview with Peighton


Rowan - Interview older step-sister


Isabel - Moral Dilemmas


Isabel - Interview with friend, Lauren


Peyton - interviews her Dad about his job transporting dead bodies


Brayden - Interview with Lucas


Madi - Sports talk with Sophia


Paxton - Interview with his Dad - Holiday Food


Amia - Harry Potter


Omni - Stranger Things-Ep.1


Omni - Current events/political and social Ep.2


Michael - Interview with friend about Covid


Sophia - Chocolate Interview with Madi


Xander - Interview with his Grandfather-Fun things from childhood


Hayden - Interview with his Grandma


Xander - Gaming interview with his cousin


Knox -Ankle Replacements-Ep.1


Knox - Ankle Replacements-Ep.2


Aiden - Talking About Stuff Stuff -Ep. 1- Weird Pets