Ms. Jones

Mrs. Jones

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School Phone: 269-250-8600

My name is Emily Jones, Special Education Resource Room teacher at CES. This is my 6th year teaching Resource Room and my 15th year in my teaching career. I graduated from WMU with my masters in Special Education in 2016, and I’m a life-long Bronco! I’m also married and a mom to two daughters, Kenley and Isla, and two fur-kids, Lexy and Sheldon.

Guess what? I love math! I like how you can manipulate the numbers and see patterns, shapes, and angles. I love using tools to solve math problems and seeing how math is used all over in the real world. Math and reading are the most important academic parts of school that we need in the real world. I also love drawing and coloring. I think coloring is important for your brain to relax and refocus. Plus, you can create great works of art!