Varsity Girls

2016 Comstock Cross Country
Coach Peter Livingstone-McNelis

10-29 - MHSAA Regional

The girl's team after five years of not being able to field a big enough team to score in meets was for the second year in a row was able to score at every single meet. There is also optimism in the fact that all but one of the runners will be returning, including Callie James who as Sophomore qualified individually for States and this year just missed out on receiving this honor again finishing in 18th (23:03). Running in 2nd for the the team was Patricia Sivley in 71st place (27:01), followed by Kendall Green in 85th (28:58), then Jessi Sivley in 89th (29:39) with Katie Rooney rounding out the top 5 in 92nd (31:14). The girl's team wound up taking 13th out of the 13 full teams that competed (18 teams represented) but were only 6 pts. away from beating Parchment a team they had been battling all year.

10-21 - Gobles Invitational

In the girl's race, the team had perhaps their best team performance of the year finishing 9th out of 13 teams and only 24 pts. out of 4th. The girl's were led by the front running of Callie James who finished in 6th place out of field of 71 runners in 21:36 (S.R.). Also, medalling for the girl's was Patricia Sively in 40th place (26:02). Rounding out the Top 5 for the team were Kendal Green in 46th place (26:48), Katie Green in 52nd place (26:48), and Jessi Sivley in 61st (29:34). 

10-11 - BCS Meet at Brandywine

The girl's team finished 5th out of 8 teams with Callie James leading the way with a 3rd place finish in 22:33 earning 1st Team All-Conference Honors. The next three girl's on the team ran aggressively as a pack for the first two miles but weren't able to sustain it over the last mile. As a result the girl's did not move up in the standings but it was great to see the competitive effort to make a run at Mendon and Buchanan the two teams that had placed ahead of Comstock in the first two league meets. Leading this group of three runners was Patricia Sivley who was able to maintain pace and almost set a season personal record finishing 24th overall in 26:11. She was followed on the team by Kendall Green in 28th place with a time of 27:14 and Katie Rooney in 31st place with a time of 27:43. Based on this last performance, it appears that Katie after this last race is ready to have a breakout performance as she was only a few seconds off of her P.R., despite having been near Patricia at the 2 mile mark. Rounding out the Top 5 was Jessi Sivley who finished in 44th place in 33:15.

10-8 - Allegan Invitational

In the girl's race, the team was once again led by Callie James who earned a medal by finishing in 27th in the Varsity I race in 22:03 (SR). Followed by strong No.2 and No. 3 combo of Patricia Sivley (25:59) and Kendall Green (26:39). Rounding out the top five were Katie Rooney (28:17), and Jessi Sivley (30:28). Due to the very unusual scoring format of this race, the girl's team did not official score as a team because they did not have 6 runners, typically it only requires 5 runners to finish.

10-1 - Otsego Invitational

Once again the girl's were led by the front running of Callie James who finished 11th overall out of 66 runners in the field with a new season best of 22:10. Rounding out the top 5 for the girl's were Tricia Sivley who took 46th (25:56 PR), Kendall Green in 53rd (27:46), Katie Rooney in 56th (28:59), and Jessi Sivley in 59 (29:14). The girl's team finished 8 out of 9 teams in the field narrowly losing to Decatur by 3 pts.

9-27 - BCS Meet at Mendon

On the girl's side, Comstock finished 5th out of 8th teams and closed the gap on 4th place Buchanan. Leading the way was Callie James who finished 3rd overall in 21:42 (SR) putting her great position to earn 1st Team All-Conference Honors at the final league meet. Running in 2nd for the team was Kendall Green in 27th place (25:50 SR) followed closely behind by Patricia Sivley in 29th place (26:05 SR) and Katie Rooney in 34th place ( 27:56). Rounding out the Top 5 was Jessi Sivley who took 36th place (28:21 PR) and had the best performance on the team in terms of overall improvement knocking almost a minute a half off her PR. This is huge in terms of girl's team having a chance of beating Mendon & Buchanan in the final league meet--the two teams that have finished just ahead of Comstock.

9-21 - Lawrence Invitational

In the girl's race the team once again had their best race of the season with all five runners beating their season records. Leading off for the girl's was Callie James who finished 2nd overall in the race (22:23) followed by fellow medalist Tricia Sivley who finished in 19th. Running 3rd for the team was Kendall Green (26:54) who finished one place out of medal contention in 21st. She was followed closely by Katie Rooney in 27:54. Rounding out the top 5 was Jessi Sivley who has shown the most improvement on the team. End result is that Jessi by significantly closing the gap between herself and our fourth runner was key to Comstock beating three teams in this invitational and being only 2 pts. behind 3rd place Hartford. A team that beat Comstock by a wide margin only four weeks ago on this same course.
9-17 - Mendon Invitational

On the girl's side, Callie once again medalled finishing 19th (22:52 just off her SR) with significant drops in time coming from Patricia Sivley 51st (26:14 Season Record), Katie Rooney 69th (28:19 SR), and Jessi Sivley 91st (30:13 massive P.R.). The team was without Kendall Green and Kaylee Gilley who are both expected to compete in the Lawrence Invitational next week. If the girl's can have a similar performance, despite their small size should be able to surprise a couple of teams.

Mendon Invite Results

9-13 - BCS Jamboree at Parchment - 5th Place

On the girl's side despite only having five girls toeing the line everyone one of the runners had their best race of the season. Leading the charge for girl's team once again was Callie James who finished in 5th place overall in 24:32 and established herself as a contender for All-Conference 1st Team Honors. Finishing in 2nd for the team and 20th overall (27:37) in the race was Patricia Sivley who established a new season personal record despite running on Parchment's hilly new course. She was followed in quick succession by Kendall Green in 23rd place (28:11) and Katie Rooney in 26th place (29:07). Rounding out the top 5 was Jessi Sivley who dropped a couple minutes off her personal record enroute to passing several runners over the last mile of the race to finish 34th overall in 31:29 and give the girl's team a realistic chance by the end of the season of beating two teams that finished ahead of them in today's meet. The girl's team finished 5th overall out of 7 teams.

9-6 - Comstock 50 - Olivet 15

On the girl's side, Callie James continues to battle stomach cramps, perhaps, because she is going out too fast, which is not necessarily a bad trait, but something that may need to be adjusted. Anyway, Callie struggled and will need to figure this out ahead of next week's Conference Jamboree. If she does she will once again as she has shown in the race leading up to this race that she has the ability and toughness to contend for All-League Honors. Today, she finished a disappointing 10th overall in the race (27:23) but showed a lot of toughness as she battled cramps throughout the race. The best race of the day, however, was turned in by Tricia Sivley on what was a very hot and humid day with temperature near 90 degrees. In this race she finished for the first time 2nd for the team and is quickly getting herself back into the shape she was in last year by dropping a full four minutes off her first race. Also strong competitive performances were turned in by Kendall Green and Katie Rooney who leap frogged each other once again throughout the race until the last half mile or so when Kendall finally moved out in front to finish in 31:26 to Katie's 31:51. Lastly, a tip of the hat should go once again to Frosh Jessi Sivley who is not afraid to push herself by trying to stick with Kendall and Katie over the initial miles. As in all the other races so far she has faded badly but I believe and Jessi believes that one of the these times she is going to be able to hang on and by doing so shatter her personal record. This is key for the girl's team to be competitive in the league along with the addition of Nareai McPherson who is expected to come out for the team soon. End result of today's race is that girl's team lost 15 to 50 to a very strong Olivet girl's team that qualified for the Division III State Championships last year. 

8-27 - Muskegon Invitational

Once again the girl's team was able to field a full team and was able to put together their best performance of the season. All six girl's ran very competitive races with five of the six girl's either running their season fastest time or career best time. Callie once again went out fast but this week was able to stay with the lead runners and wound up winning an award for finishing in the Top 30 with her 29th place performance in 22:50. Kendall Green finished once again 2nd for the team finishing in 109th in 27:25. Even though Kendall was the only one on the team not to record a best time she was key to the team fielding a competitive team by pushing the pace and pulling Patricia Sivley and Katie Rooney to their fastest times of the season in 27:57 and 28.12 respectively. Also, it should be noted that even though Jessi Sivley faded badly in the 2nd half of the race she put forth a very competitive effort and it is clear that she intends at least by the end of the season to run with what is currently the 2nd thru 4th runners. When she does and Nareai McPherson comes out then this girl's team will be able to field not only a competitive team but a team that is capable of beating several of the teams in our league. In this meet, Comstock finished 13th out of 14th but it should be noted the team lost by 2 pts. to Division II Wyoming Godwin Heights and only 11 pts. to Division II Muskegon Oakridge.

8-23 - Three Rivers Big Hill Climb

On the girl's side, there were five girl's that competed and all five girl's finished so the girl's team officially scored as a team taking 8th out 10 teams. The team was able to field a full team with the addition of Patricia Sivley. In the coming weeks ahead, a few more girl's are expected to join the team so the team should be even stronger. Callie James did not run as fast as she is capable but ran a gutsy race struggling with stomach cramps throughout the race yet still finishing 30th out of field of 130 runners. Also, Kendall Green (30:35) and Katie Rooney (30:36) did an excellent job pushing each other with one runner leaping frogging in front of the other throughout the race. End result, both runners improved upon their last race performance and finished 2nd and 3rd for the team finishing in 73rd and 74th place. Once this team gets in better condition, this team will be much more competitive. The talent and toughness is there but conditioning is still lacking.
9-23 Three Rivers Big Hill Climb

8-19 Lawrence Pre Run

The girl's team were without three of its runners so don't field a full team, however, Callie James went out fast and hung with the top girl at the start of the race before finishing 2nd overall in a field of 30 runners. Katie Rooney also had a strong race running with Kendall Green for two miles before falling off the pace but still lowering her time from last year at this same race.
8-19 Lawrence Results