MS Softball
Coach Courtney Kean-Johnson
Asst. Coach Karl Swager

05-15 Comstock 9 - Centreville 18
05-15 Comstock 4 - Centreville 18

What a great afternoon for a ball game. The girls came in working hard.  
For the first inning they held us, same goes for Centreville. Our second inning into our third the girls were getting the hits and scoring at home.  Centreville was just to heavy on their bats for Comstock to handle. Natalee Randall with two runs, Sara Swinehart with two runs in, Abbie Peters with one run in.  Paige Kean had one strike out while pitching.

05-11 Comstock 5 - Fennville 28
05-11 Comstock 24 - Fennville 10

Another cold and rainy softball game these girls had to endure.  
The girls came to play but Fennville was unstoppable the first game.  We had a few errors in the field, with some also unfortunate calls behind the plate but the girls quickly turned that around and got to work the second game. The girls were on their game on the field and up to bat. Pulling out with a win over Fennville. Arabella Spencer with four runs, Abigail Evink with three runs, Paige Kean with four runs, Savannah Zirkelbach with two runs and a double. Natalee Randall with a double, one run, and a RBI. Abbie Peters adding one run, Naiome Mitchell with two runs, and Maleah Kelley bringing in two runs. By far the best game for these girls.  So incredibly proud of them!

05-08 Comstock 7 - Martin 21
05-08 Comstock 12 - Martin 18

Girls started out having a rough first inning, but quickly turned 
it around in the second inning. We just came up short.  Mackenzie Militzer with two doubles and two runs. Jazyln with one double and a run in. Emma Cobb with two doubles and one run. Natalee Randall with two runs and Cayleigh Jeffery with
two runs.

05-04 Comstock 6 - Centreville 20
05-04 Comstock 3 - Centreville 18

We started off slow with some major field errors that hurt us.  
However, Centreville's bats were hot and placement was right.  Jazlyne Davis with two runs, Savannah Zirkelbach with one run,  Cayleigh Jeffery with a double. Paige Kean with three strike outs while pitching.

05-01 Comstock 7 - Mendon 17
05-01 Comstock 1 - Mendon 19

Mendon defintley outplayed us today. Their fielding was good, their bats and the position of the balls were exactly where we weren't. That is the name of the game. Arabella Spencer with two runs in and a RBI. Paige Kean with two runs and a double. Gianna Swager with one run and a double. Sara Swinehart with one run, and Mackenzie Militzer with two runs and a double.

4-27 Comstock 6 - Dowagiac 17
4-27 Comstock 10 - Dowagiac 17

The first game we came in a little slow. Dowagiac's bats were 
on point. We just couldn't shut them down. The second game we were looking more alive and our bats were connecting, Dowagiac just had all the stops. Maleah Kelley with one run, Jazylne Davis with two runs in and a double. Gianna Swager with four runs in, and Cayleigh Jeffery with a double.

04-24 Comstock 10 - Allegan 18
04-24 Comstock 9 - Allegan 7

The girls did such a great job tonight. They came out strong each 
game and never gave up. It was very rewarding watching them do the things we are doing in practice out on the field come game time. This game we played nine on the field but batted all fourteen players on both sides. First game was so close for so long but Allegan pulled off the win at the end. The girls in the second game truly deserved this win. All the time and effort they have put in, and not giving up gave them this win. So proud of them! Paige Kean with three runs, Maleah Kelley with two runs, Abigial Evink with one run.  Arabella Spencer and Gianna Swager both had four strike outs pitching in each game.

4-20 Comstock 13 - Mendon 16
4-20 Comstock 6- Mendon 21

It was so cold this game it was actually snowing once we got 
out on the field. Despite the freezing conditions, the girls put the work in and came so close pulling it off the first game.  Arabella Spencer with four runs, Gianna Swager with three runs, Abbie Peters made her first ever debut on the pitchers mound
and struck out her very first batter.

04-17 Comstock 10 - Fennville 17
04-17 Comstock 1 - Fennville 20

The girls came out on fire at home against Fennville.  
They were making great plays, talking to each other, and had great up to bats. We just fell short in both games.  Paige Kean with three runs in, Emma Cobb with a double bringing her one run in. Natalee Randall with one run in, Naiome Mitchell with one run in also.

04-13 Comstock 11 - Decatur 21
04-13 Comstock 4 - Decatur 21

We were supposed to be home for this game, but our field 
conditions were unplayable due to the weather. We traveled to Decatur and came out strong and ready to play. Unfortunately,  Decaturs bats were on point and they pulled away. Arabella Spencer with two runs, Jazlyne Davis with two runs in, Mackenzie Militzer with two runs in, and Savannah Zirkelbach with one run in and a RBI.  Mackenzie Militizer also had one strike out pitching.

04-10 Comstock 2 - Galesburg 11
04-10 Comstock 6 - Galesburg 12

This was the girls first game of the season.  Due to weather, we were only able to make it outside twice. Even despite those obstacles the girls were displaying all of the things we had been working on through-out the double header. Gianna Swager led the night with four runs in. Gianna Swager with two strike outs pitching.