Facility Needs Community Forums

Facility Needs Community Forums
Posted on 06/11/2021
Facility Needs Community Forums

Comstock Public Schools will be hosting the final Facility Needs Community Forum on October 19.  This event is intended to increase the public's knowledge of the state of our facilities, as well as gather their input regarding how best to prioritize future projects.

Attendees may benefit from looking at the YouTube video of the virtual forum that was held in June, 2021, and/or the virtual forum from September.

The final forum will take place in a virtual meeting format on 
October 19 at 7 p.m. via Google Meet

All attendees will have an opportunity to share their thoughts regarding our facilities; we do ask, however, that comments remain focused to the topic at hand. Other concerns regarding the district's operations should be shared with the superintendent directly, or during the public comment portion of our regular school board meetings. 

If anyone has any questions about this forum, or cannot attend the forum and would like to share their thoughts with the Facilities Review Committee, contact the Superintendent  personally by E-mail at Jeff.Thoenes@ComstockPS.org.