Snowcoming 2021
Snowcoming week will take place from March 15 through March 19. Things are a little different this year — like everything else! — and here are the details:

Dress-Up Days!
Monday: Pajama Day

: Class Color Day

Seniors: Blue
Juniors: Black
Sophomore: Red
Freshmen: Yellow
Staff: Green
Wednesday: Dress Your Best Day
Thursday: Blue & White Day

Everyone is invited to use the social media profile pic frames, or make your own, and use them throughout the week!
Seniors: Shamrock
Juniors: Pots of Gold
Sophomore: Leprechauns 
Freshmen: The Word: Lucky 
Staff: Any St. Patrick’s Day Theme

Monday-Wednesday: 2 representatives from each class will be chosen to perform a pep assembly activity. 

Thursday: We will run an assembly schedule and have a formal Court ceremony in the gym (parents can attend) and we will livestream it to the whole school. 
Watch the event LIVE on our YouTube channel

Friday: Varsity basketball hosts Berrien Springs. In-person seating is limited, but the games will be live streamed on the NFHS Network, so you can watch the Colts eat up some Shamrocks to wrap up the week!

Social Media
Profile Pic Frames
Snowcoming Frame 1
Freshman - Lucky

Snowcoming Frame
Sophomores - Leprechaun 1

Snowcoming Frame
Sophomores - Leprechaun 2

Snowcoming Frame
Juniors - Pot O' Gold

Snowcoming Frame
Seniors - Shamrock