2019 - Varsity

Varsity Girls Softball
Coach Chuck Blades
Asst. Coach Joe Hnilo & Morgan Watson

4-16 - Comstock 2 - Buchanan 12
4-16 - Comstock 0 - Buchanan 4

Colts were out scored by the Buchanan Bucks on Tuesday night 12-2 in the first game. Caswell took the loss on the mound. Colts struggled defensively making plays. On offense they improved from last game by tallying 8 hits but left many stranded as the game ended in 5 innings. LaBrie lead the Colts with 3 hits (all singles), Caswell 2 hits (2 singles), House has 2 hits (single and a double), and Geer and Lennon came away with 1 hit apiece. 

The Colts lost the 2nd game also, 4-0 but improved defensively after some changes. Unfortunately the Bucks had a fast pitcher on the mound whereas the Colts only picked up 5 hits. LaBrie lead the way the 2 hits (double and a single), Tiffany, Geer and Lennon all contributed hits for the Colts.

4-9 - Comstock 3 - Plainwell 9
4-9 - Comstock 4 - Plainwell 15

Comstock Colt softball had a tough go against a good Wolverine Conference squad in Plainwell.  Caswell pitched the first game against a hard hitting Trojan team where the colts lost 9-3. Colts had 4 hits on the game at 2 a piece to House and Tiffany, with House getting a double and a single and Tiffany getting 2 singles. 

Second game was a tough one as the Colts lost 15-4 to the Trojans. Tiffany started the game pitching with LaBrie pitching most of the game. Again the Colts only had 4 hits on the game with LaBrie getting a pair of singles and House getting a pair of doubles. 

3-27 - Comstock 2 - Martin 10
3-27 - Comstock 8 - Martin 7

Colt softball split with Martin on Wednesday losing the 1st 10-2 and winning the second game 8-7.  In the first game, the Colts improved with hitting from the night before as they accumulated 5 hits. House went 2/3 with a solo home run, a single and an RBI. McAllister had a single with an RBI. Lennon and Geer notched a hit. Caswell got the loss but continues to strike out 8 a game.  In the second game, the Colts out hit the Clippers 8-7 and came away with the first victory of the season. Caswell led the way with 2 hits and a RBI. House had a 3 run home run with 2 RBIs. Smith had a single and a RBI.  Geer had a single with 2 RBIs. McAllister and Lennon each had a double and a single respectively. Caswell came away with win with 5 Ks and only allowing 4 hits. It was a collective effort for the win on Wednesday.  
It came down to the wire on Wednesday, with Comstock Colts Varsity taking victory on a dramatic walk-off single in the late innings that sealed their victory over Martin High School.  Comstock Colts Varsity trailed 7-6 in the bottom of the seventh inning when Tia Geer singled on the first pitch of the at bat, scoring two runs.
3-26 - Comstock 0 - Hartford 6
3-26 - Comstock 1 - Hartford 11

Colts struggled at the plate against a bullpen of solid pitching from the Hartford Indians. Lost 1st game 6-0 with Caswell taking the loss. However, Caswell ended up striking out 8. Tiffany ended up with the sole hit of the 1st game.  Colts adjusted to the pitching of Tiffany and beat the Colts 11-1. Again, Hartford had solid pitching with Comstock only tallying 3 hits on the game, 2 hits by Tiffany and 1 to Smith. Tiffany took the loss.