2017 Excellence in Education Awards

2017 Excellence in Education Awards
Posted on 04/21/2017
2017 Excellence in Education AwardsThe Kalamazoo County Excellence in Education awards presentation was held on April 19, at Western Michigan University, and we are pleased to present the class of 2017 honorees from Comstock High School:

Michaela Kessler, Freddie Ouding, and Vincent McNelis

Each recipient noted an educator who made a significant impact on the student. Michaela Kessler selected Elizabeth O'Brien, who has taught in Comstock since 1994. 

Michaela Kessler said that "Ms. O’Brien saw the potential in me that no other teacher did. She recognized my capabilities as an honor student and because of this I was able to excel academically."

O'Brien had this to say about Michaela: "As a teacher I try to instill a sense of drive, focus, and a love of learning. Even as a sixth-grader, I could see these characteristics in Michaela. Her energy and eagerness to learn, allowed me to help her see that she could do anything. Each success brought about a confidence that was so fun to watch mature and develop. I am so proud to have been her teacher."

Excellence in Education Awards

Michaela Kessler
Parents: Kim and Mike Kessler
College: Central Michigan University
Major: Psychology
Significant Educator: Elizabeth O’Brien

Freddie Ouding selected Comstock High School chemistry instructor Charlene Dailey as his influential educator. She has this to say about Freddie:

"It’s a privilege to be a part of a young person’s educational journey. Freddie has the most mathematical and engineering-based mind I have ever had the opportunity to teach. So I tried to support his experiments and curiosity as best as possible. He truly will change the world with his analytical approach to problems and we will all be better for his efforts."

And Freddie shared these words about Ms. Dailey: 

"Besides being an excellent Chemistry teacher and role model, Charlene Dailey has gone beyond her job requirements to help, not only me but multiple students, reach their highest potential inside and outside of the classroom. She pushes students to go beyond the bare necessities to build life skills and always offers companionship. She provides outlets for her students to explore their academic interests and is always there for anything her students might need."

Excellence in Education

Freddie Ouding
Parents: Karen Vaughn and Michael Ouding
College: University of Michigan
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Significant Educator: Charlene Dailey

Vincent McNelis selected Scott Friesner as his significant educator. Friesner is an instructor at Western Michigan University's ATYP program. Vincent offers this insight into Mr. Friesner's impact:

"Undeniably, the curriculum offered through the Academically Talented Youth Program English is special. What makes the experience stellar, however, lies in the genuine passion of its instructors. Throughout the year I shared with Mr. Friesner, I was taught not only to analyze texts, but also to examine and reflect upon life through literature. His resounding confidence in my abilities brought me to approach my work with exuberance and fostered an ongoing quest for deeper truths, now and in my future."

Excellence in Education

Vincent McNelis

Parents: Laura and Peter Livingstone-McNelis
College: Undecided
Major: Undecided
Significant Educator: Scott Friesner