2016 Bond

In May, 2016 Comstock voters approved a $40,130,000 bond issue.  These dollars are being spent in three series to provide for improvements and preservation of our schools. By issuing the bonds in three series, the overall interest costs are less than if the bonds were issued all at one time.

This web page has been set up so that Comstock voters can see what projects are involved for each series, and so that we can share updates on the progress of these various projects. 

Series 1


Series One of our bond improvements included technology updates, secure entries, and more. 
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Series 2


The second series of our improvements began in 2019. These projects focused on Comstock Elementary and Comstock Middle Schools. 
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Series 3


Our third series began in 2021, and continues the major renovations at CES, CMS, and the Hamet Athletic Complex at CHS. 
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