MS Girls Club Soccer

Coach Jen Brown


Front Row - Lily DeYoung-Foster, Jennifer Richards, Gabrielle Langejans, Pa Nee Hang, Yoselin Cortez, Tagan Siders

Back Row - Aleeshia McClenton, Brianna Salome, Vien Hang, Patricia Sivley, Cassie Bowman, Katelynne Burns, Coach Jen Brown

Not Pictured - Callie James, Gina Montoya, Jessica Sivley

5-21 - Comstock 0 - Otsego 5

The NEMS girls soccer team is finishing out its season facing some of the toughest teams in their division. Last night's physical match against Otsego was no exception. Despite several nice runs up field led by mid-fielder Callie James, supported by backfielders Jessie Sivley and Briana Salome, front line Megan James, Gabrielle Langejans, Jeme Richards, and Lily DeFoster-Young were unable to translate the plays into goals.  Kaitlynne Burns, Tagan Siders, and Yoselin Cortez provided significant help in moving the ball from the backfield to the frontline. They were key in helping Aleeshia McClenton, Vien Hang, Panee Hang, and Gina Montoya stave off the Otsego offense.  Patricia Sively did a great job in goal with several nice saves, particularly in the first half, keeping Otsego to just one goal. During the 2nd half, the Otsego offense was just too much for the Colts leading to the 5-0 loss.

5-16 - Comstock 0 - Mattawan Gold 8

5-14 - Comstock 0 - Battle Creek St. Phillip 0

In a rainy match-up with Battle Creek-St. Joseph, the NEMS girls soccer team dominated the game holding the other team to less than a handful of shots on goal. Against a team that beat them 3-1 last time, last night's score of 0-0 does not do justice to how the team played.

Patricia Siveley made all the right moves as keeper, blocking one breakaway and diving to block a 2nd dangerous shot later in the game. The backfield, led by Briana Salome, stopped several runs on goal before the other team even made it to the 18. Aleeshia McClenton, Vien Hang, Panee Hang, Kaitlynne Burns and Yoselin Cortez were instrumental in keeping the ball out of the backfield and in play for the Colts. They were able to control the ball and send it back to midfielders Callie James and Jessie Siveley.

At mid-field Callie and Jessie were often first to the ball whenever it was in the air and up for grabs, and were able to control it and deliver it to the forwards. Both were within reach of a goal tonight.

Leading the attack in the front were Megan James and Gabrielle Langejans who did an excellent job of keeping pressure on the center and stopping Battle Creek-St. Joe efforts before it left their half of the field. Jeme Richards and Lily Deforest-Young assisted the attack from the wings, helping bring the ball up and center it for several shots on goal.

The score may have been 0-0, but the Colts played like winners.

5-7 - Comstock 0 - Allegan Black 6

The NEMS girls soccer team opened up strong n the second half, holding the other team to just one goal in a well-defended first half including an amazing save on a penalty kick by keeper Patricia Sively. Unfortunately, there weren't able to keep the Allegan team at bay; it was a tough loss for the team.

However, there was some amazing passing and footwork at mid-field from Callie James, Jessie Sively, Elly Douglas, and Cassie Bowman. They fed the ball perfectly a few times to forwards Megan James, Gabrielle Langejans, Jeme Richards, and Lily DeForest-Young who made nice up field runs and several efforts to the net.

The back field, under intense pressure, was able to fend off several shots and really did a great job clearing the ball and feeding to the mid-field and beyond. Aleeshia McClenton led this effort taking several free kicks for the team. Panee and Vien Hang, Kaitlynne Burns, Yoselin Cortez, and Tagan Siders did a great job of marking players keeping the ball out of the middle, even against quite a few corner kicks.

5-5 - Comstock 2 - Parchment 3

The NEMS girls soccer team played their best game yet, in a very physical match against Parchment. Despite clearly dominating the first half, and many shots on goal, only 2 shots from outside the 18 by Callie James landed in the net resulting in a 3-2 loss.  The front line is finally starting to gel with great work and effort from Gabrielle Langejans, Megan James, Cassie Bowman and Jeme Richards. They received amazing support at mid-field from Jessie Sively and Callie James who kept the ball moving to the front line and made some crucial defensive plays in the backfield.  The backfield, led by Briana Salome, Aleeshia McClenton, Vien and Panee Hang, and Kaitlynne Burns did an outstanding job of stopping Parchment's talented front line.

4-28 - Comstock 2 - Lawton 4

The NEMS girls soccer team played an amazing game last night. They dominated the field from the first whistle and made many plays on the net including two goals, one each from Jessie Sively and Callie James. They were assisted in the middle by Megan James and, on the wings, by Gabrielle Langejans, Jeme Richards, Cassie Bowman, and Lily DeForest-Young.  Patricia Sively did an amazing job in goal for the Colts, stopping several shots on goal and just missing a block on a pivotal penalty kick that gave Lawton their final goal in the 4-2 win against Comstock.  The backfield did a great job against a relentless Lawton offense. Led by Briana Salome at midfield, Aleeshia McClenton at stopper, and Panee Hang, Vien Hang, Tagan Siders, Elly Douglas, Kaitlynne Burns, and Gina Montoya, also at fullback.  This was the Colts most impressive outing yet, and a win was well within their grasp.

4-23 - Comstock 0 - Kalamazoo Christian 3

The NEMS girls soccer team played a great second half in a disappointing loss to the Kalamazoo Comets. Despite the 3-0 score, the front line, led by Megan James, Gabrielle Langejans, and Jeme Richards made multiple runs at the goal including a great shot from out past the 18 by Callie James. Lily Deforest-Young also helped out on the front line.  Patricia Sively led the backfield with her first game in goal making some crucial saves for the team. Kaitlynne Burns, Aleeshia McClenton, Panee and Vien Hang, and Tagan Siders provided significant support around the net.  Again, leadership from mid-field came from Callie James and Jessie Sively. Helping out the defense at mid and backfield were Gina Montoya, Yoselin Cortez, and Cassie Bowman.

4-21 - Comstock 0 - Battle Creek St. Joseph 5

Despite missing several key players, the NEMS girls soccer team put up a great fight, again dominating the second half of the game, but they were unable to turn that into any goals. In a 5-0 loss against Battle Creek-St. Joseph, Gabrielle Langejans, Jessie Sively, and Callie James led on offense. In the backfield, Vien Hang, Aleeshia McClenton, Kaitlynne Burns, and Gina Montoya made some key blocks assisting Tagan Siders who debuted in goal.

4-18 - Comstock 0 - Delton-Kellogg 3

The NEMS Girls Soccer team played Delton Kellogg on Friday and lost 3-0 in a tough match up. Your Colts were amazing on defense headed by Callie James who did an outstanding job in goal. She was assisted by Patricia Sively, Aleeshia McClenton, Vien and Panee Hang, Tagan Siders, Kaitlynne Burns, and Gina Montoya who helped keep the talented and strong Delton team to such a low score.  A valiant effort was lead from midfield by Briana Salome, Cassie Bowman, Yoselin Cortez, and Elly Douglas who helped on defense and made many attempts to move the ball up field. The front line, led by Jessie Sively, was successful at moving the ball towards the Delton goal, but fell short of scoring. With significant help from wings Gabrielle Langejans, Jeme Richards, and Lilian Deforest, Comstock was able to put some good pressure on the Delton defense in the 2nd half.

4-14 - Comstock 1 - Kalamazoo Irish 3

The NEMS girls soccer team played an amazing game in last night's near freezing temps. Despite clearly dominating the 2nd half, they lost 3-1 to Kalamazoo Irish. They should be congratulated today for an incredible first game! These Colts did you proud.  The first half was tough, but saved by a great performance in the net by Callie James, and excellent support on defense from Aleeshia McClenton, Kaitlynne Burns, and Panee and Vien Hang.  The team's only goal was scored by Brianne Salome, who controlled the midfield for a good part of the game with significant help from Elly Douglas and Jessie Sivley. The front line, led by Patricia Sivley, Gabrielle Langejans, Lily Deforest-Young, Cassie Bowman and Jeme Richards had great runs on goal. Great effort in back and mid-field also came from Gina Montoya, Yoselin Cortez, and Tagan Siders.