Judy DeMink

Judy DeMink

Class of 1971

I’m thrilled to see a pioneer for Comstock Women’s athletics going into our Hall of Fame! She is very deserving as she was one my first great athletes at Comstock! She was critical in helping get the track program started at CHS and helped put Comstock women’s athletics on the map. She was a hard worker, gave her all, extremely disciplined, focused and a great athlete. Couldn’t be prouder of her effort, sportsmanship and the great performances she gave as a CHS student-athlete!  
                                                                                                - Pat Ashby

What does it mean to have never lost a race or a relay race throughout your high school Track career?  It means you are talking about Judy DeMink, 1971 graduate of Comstock High School. In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, girls high school athletics were starting to emerge in the area and the State.  Schools were independently creating girls teams and scheduling meets and games, as pressure mounted to provide more for them. Without fanfare, publicity and celebration, Judy became the face of girls sports at Comstock and in the area.  Her efforts in Track and Basketball resulted in Championships and establishing initial State records in Track and Field.  Judy was the catalyst and pioneer in what is now an exceptional opportunity for all female athletes. I believe that the coming together of athletic opportunities, the drive and leadership of Pat Ashby, and the standards created by Judy, were models used by schools to generate the push for girls sports. You must remember that Judy never lost a Sprint race or a Relay race in High School. Who else can say this?
                                                                                                                                                                   - Bernie Vallier

Comstock High School
* Basketball – 4 Varsity Letters
- 1970, 71 League Championship
- 1970, 71 Team MVP
- 13 Point Scoring Ave.
* Track & Field – 3 Varsity Letters
- Unbeaten in Sprint & Relay Competition Throughout Prep Career
- 1970, 71 Undefeated Track Team
- 1970, 71 Team MVP
- Mythical Comstock Records
100 yd Dash – 11.55
220 yd Dash – 27.1
880 Relay – 1:54.9
200 yd Shuttle Relay – 27.7
Softball Throw – 188.2 ft

Western Michigan University
* Basketball

Athletic Honors
* 2024 Comstock Athletic Hall of Fame