MS Cross Country
Coach Justin Ansel
Asst. Coach RaeKwon Little

9-17 - Comstock Invitational

We had 1 boys and 4 girls medal today at the Comstock Invitational.  Austin Hui-Wee had the fasted boys time on the day with a 17:26 but it was Simon Ludtke who medaled with a 14th place finish in his 6th grade race with a time of 17:29.  On the girls side of things, Sydney Woods medaled in the 7th-8th grade race with a time of 17:16 and a 19th place finish.  In the 6th grade race, Samantha Hui-Wee, Londyn Shavers and Samantha Zirkelbach all medaled.

9-14 - Colon Meet

The Colts ran at Colon today for the 1st time ever.  Chris Zirkelbach was the 1st Comstock boy to cross in 13:27 and Oscar Sullivan was just a second behind.  Sydney Woods was the 1st Comstock girl to cross and finished in 8th place with a time of 15:05.

9-10 - Lakeview Invitational

The Colts showed up to their 1st race of the season at Lakeview.  Chris Zirkelbach was the 1st Comstock boys runner to cross at 14:02 with Oscar Sullivan only 2 seconds behind.  Samantha Hui-Wee was the 1st Comstock girls runner to cross at 16:30.  Overall it was a good experience for the kids to see how fast kids their age are running.