MS Cross Country
Coach Justin Ansel
Asst. Coach RaeKwon Little

10-15 - Bloomingdale Invitational

The MS XC team finished their season yesterday with a great showing at the Bloomingdale Invitational.  The boys team finished in 2nd place and the girls in 4th place and 8 of our 10 runners medaled on the day.


Bottom - Sydney Woods, Nadia Smith, Matilda Ludtke
Top - Coach RaeKwon Little, Austin Hui-Wee, Simon Ludtke, Connor Hui-Wee, Oscar Sullivan, Samantha Hui-Wee, Rose Deleeuw & Coach Justin Ansel
Not Pictured - Chris Zirkelbach

10-11 - Colon Meet

The MS Cross Country team competed at Colon today.  This was the 2nd time running their course and almost every Comstock runner improved their time from the 1st time they ran it.  Chris Zirkelbach and Matilda Ludtke were our fastest boy and girl on the day.  Savannah Zirkelbach was our most improved by lowering her time by just over 3 minutes.

10-8 - Allegan Invitational

Comstock competed at Allegan today and both races had over 120 runners.  All of the kids continue to improve and lower their 2 mile times.  Austin Hui-Wee was our fastest boy and Sydney Woods was our fastest girl.  Sydney had her best run of the year coming in at 16:00.9.

10-5 - Cassopolis Meet

We had a long van ride to Cassopolis today to compete on their 2 mile course.  It was a hot October day and I think the heat and the long trip affected us all.  Chris Zirkelbach and Sydney Woods were our fastest boy and girl on the day.

9-26 - Lakeview Meet

We competed at Lakeview for the 2nd time this year but they lengthened the MS course from 1.65 miles to 2 on this day.  Overall, we continue to make small gains but they are gains.  Chris Zirkelbach and Rose DeLeeuw were our fastest runners on the day.

9-21 - Comstock Meet

We hosted the Southwest 10 Conference meet today.  Just a few days ago, we ran the same course at our invitational and I was hoping for some improved times but only a couple of the kids made that happen.  Congratulations to Oscar Sullivan and Samantha Hui-Wee for improving their times.  Oscar and Samantha were also our fastest runners on the day.

9-17 - Comstock Invitational

We had 1 boys and 4 girls medal today at the Comstock Invitational.  Austin Hui-Wee had the fasted boys time on the day with a 17:26 but it was Simon Ludtke who medaled with a 14th place finish in his 6th grade race with a time of 17:29.  On the girls side of things, Sydney Woods medaled in the 7th-8th grade race with a time of 17:16 and a 19th place finish.  In the 6th grade race, Samantha Hui-Wee, Londyn Shavers and Samantha Zirkelbach all medaled.

9-14 - Colon Meet

The Colts ran at Colon today for the 1st time ever.  Chris Zirkelbach was the 1st Comstock boy to cross in 13:27 and Oscar Sullivan was just a second behind.  Sydney Woods was the 1st Comstock girl to cross and finished in 8th place with a time of 15:05.

9-10 - Lakeview Invitational

The Colts showed up to their 1st race of the season at Lakeview.  Chris Zirkelbach was the 1st Comstock boys runner to cross at 14:02 with Oscar Sullivan only 2 seconds behind.  Samantha Hui-Wee was the 1st Comstock girls runner to cross at 16:30.  Overall it was a good experience for the kids to see how fast kids their age are running.