8th Grade

8th Grade Girls Basketball
Coach Justin Ansel


1-15 - Comstock 24 - Coloma 19

The 8th grade girls basketball started the season off with a win last night by beating Coloma 24-19.  The game was close from start to finish but the Colts were able to break away a bit at the end.  Macy Searles finished with 11 points and Anna Putti had 7.  Overall the girls did a great job of defending in their first game and it was fun to see them work together to get the win.

1-20 - Comstock 7 - Schoolcraft 47

The girls ran into a very good defensive team.  It made it very difficult for us to get quality shots off and we had a difficult time passing.  I know the girls will keep working though.  Macy Searles led us with 5 points.

1-22 - Comstock 38 - Constantine 37

The girls did a great job rebounding from the last game.  Awareness on defense is improving.  We had to initiate a face guard and a bit of a half court trap in the 2nd half to get the ball out of the hands of Constantine's best player.  Down the stretch, Comstock was down 1 point with about 20 seconds to go when Anna Putti made it to the free throw line and sank 2 free throws to win the game for Comstock.  Macy Searles had 15 points and Anna Putti finished with 11.

1-27 - Comstock 25 - Gobles 56

Comstock ran into a team tonight that did a very good job of getting out on the break.  We struggled at times getting back and so it was a very good learning experience.  Macy Searles led us with 19 points.

1-29 - Comstock 12 - Kalamazoo Christian 41

K Christian was an all around good team and was a good opportunity for the girls to see what being organized looks like.  Macy Searles and Anna Putti both had 6 points for the Colts.

2-3 - Comstock 50 - Parchment 53

The Colts had an opportunity to get another win tonight but couldn't hang on in the end.  The Colts led by 9 at the break but came out in a half court trap and it back fired on us.  Playing with just 6 players, the Colts tried their hardest to pull it out.  Macy Searles led the Colts with 25, Anna Putti had 12 and Reece Salter had 8.

2-4 - Comstock 30 - Colon 47

The Colts played a tough Colon team tonight and continue to get better on the defensive end as a team.  Macy Searles had 11 points for the Colts.

2-10 - Comstock 21 - Schoolcraft 38

The girls had a much better showing than the first time and have improved a lot on the defensive end.  Macy Searles led the Colts with 11 points.

2-12 - Comstock 7 - Kalamazoo Christian 30

This was another game where the Colts showed improvement.  The score was 10-7 at the end of the first quarter before the Colts fell flat.  The team played with only 5 players and did their best.  

2-17 - Comstock 16 - Gobles - 36

The girls got to play on a full 94' court tonight and it was a good experience for them.  They showed some toughness of having to sprint and play the extra length.

2-19 - Comstock 35 - Constantine 47

The rematch of an early season win didn't end how we wanted.  We just couldn't contain Constantine's best player enough.  Macy Searles finished with 17 points and Anna Putti had 14.  Bella Martin-Havlock also got her 1st bucket of the season in this game.

2-24 - Comstock 53 - Parchment 42

The rematch of an early season loss ended up in the win column this time.  The girls came out hitting all kinds of outside shots and showed they have the capability of putting some points on the board.  Anna Putti had her best game of the season with 20 points and many of them were smooth outside shots.  Macy Searles also chipped in 11 points and Linsdey Block-Carmean also had her 1st bucket of the season.