Series 2

The major focus of Series 2 was the remodeling and upgrade of all classrooms, hallways, stairways, and most other interior spaces at Comstock Elementary School. When completed in April 2022, the building will be fully air conditioned to ensure year-round use as needed for educational enrichment and other learning opportunities. Designs were finalized in Spring 2020, and construction began in June.

Due to the reconfiguration that took place for the 2019-20 school year, the district prioritized the construction of a new gym at Comstock Middle School as well as upgrades to science rooms, science storage, and specific support offices. Designs were completed in December, 2019. Construction of the gym began in May, 2020 and was completed in December. The remodeling of interior spaces was finished before the start of the 2021-22 school year. Exterior projects at the middle school included removal and replacement of the original obsolete surface with an attractive blue metal paneling, as well as new sidewalks, parking lots, and bus loop.

Finally, Comstock High School’s fire alarm system was fully replaced and upgraded.

Series 2 (2019)
Total Project Cost: $19,1945767

Details  - By Building

Comstock High School
Total costs: $793,152

  • Technology Equipment
  • Repaved athletics / delivery access loop
  • Renovation of staff restrooms
  • New classroom whiteboards

Comstock Elementary School
(formerly Northeast Middle School)
Total costs: $10,211,308

  • Paving & Site Improvements
  • New Parking Lot and Walks
  • New Site Lighting
  • New Building Sign
  • Technology Equipment
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Mechanical Upgrades
  • Interior Architectural Upgrades
  • Replace Roof
  • Fixtures, Furniture and Equipment

Comstock Middle School
(formerly North Elementary)
Total costs: $6,048,267

  • Three remodeled science classrooms
  • Rebuilt five classrooms on west side of building
  • New gymnasium
  • New carpeting and interior improvements
  • Sidewalk replacement
  • New bus loop and staff / visitor parking lots

STEM Academy
Total projected costs: $316,646

  • Repair library exterior 
  • Technology Equipment
  • Partial roof repair 

Comstock Early Learning Academy
(formerly Green Meadow Elementary)
Total projected costs: $134,795

  • Technology Equipment
  • Exterior / interior painting as needed

Gull Road Campus (Compass High School / Administration)
Total projected costs: $120,225

  • Technology Equipment
  • Carpet installation
  • Fixtures, Furniture and Equipment
  • New classroom whiteboards

District-wide Technology : $310,593

Other Bond Fees: $1,257,556