7th Boys


7th Grade Boys

Coach Sakarr White



Vernard Whitehead, Brendon Blades, Bryce Meach, Noah Jackson, Mateo Rodriguez, Coach Sakarr White,
Dylan Mcfarland, Marcus Cannon, Branden Willis, Adrian White, Raeckwon Little
Comstock Tournament Runner Up
3-15 - Comstock 21 - Upton 45
3-15 - Comstock 27 - BC St. Joe 25
3-15 - Comstock 22 - South Haven 29
Coldwater Tournament
3-8 - Comstock 31 - Quincy 18
3-8 - Comstock 21 - Cereal City 31
3-9 - Cosmtock 20 - Sturgis 31
3-9 - Comstock 29 - Quincy 26
Quincy was our first game, and we did pretty good. We moved the ball around good, he had good spacing, and we played good D. Cereal City was our 2nd game. I thought we did pretty good, but we did get in foul trouble, and we couldn't get a call to save our life. Branden, and Dylan stepped up on offense, and defense. But we couldn't pull it off. Sturgis was our 3rd game. We started out good, but we just couldn't hang in there.  Last game we played Quincy for 3rd or 4th place. Quincy came to play, but with the whole team stepping up they couldn't hold us. We won the game for 3rd place. Good job boys.
Sturgis Tournament
3-1 - Comstock 18 - Lakeview 34
3-1 - Comstock 31 - Edwardsburg 47
3-1 - Comstock 23 - Sturgis 40
Lakeview Tournament
2-22 - Comstock 29 - Olivet 24
2-22 - Comstock 9 - Cereal City Blue 47
2-22 - Comstock 7 - Coldwater 41 
Harper Creek Tournament
2-8 - Comstock 33 - Gull Lake 35 OT
2-8 - Comstock 12 - Cereal City White 50
2-9 - Comstock 24 - Marshall 29
2-9 - Comstock 21 - Cereal City Blue 28
1st game
We played Gull Lake, we didn't do to bad. We went into double over time, then sudden death, but didn't pull it off and lost 33-35 Great defense from the whole team, and Marcus with 10 points, and Bryce with 6 points for team leading scores.
2nd Game
Our boys played there hearts out, but couldn't pull it off.
3rd Game
We did a good job offensively but not defensively.
4th Game
Couldn't quite take the win.  RaeKwon had 9 points, and Dylan had 8 points.
Coloma Tournament Champion
2-2 - Comstock 20 - Portage Northern 8th  21 OT
2-2 - Comstock 29 - Coloma 16
2-2 - Comstock 15 - Coloma 8th 31
2-2 - Comstock 25 - Coloma 14
1st game
Our first game we played Portage Northern 8th grade. We played well move the ball around, did good on defense but couldn't pull it I off. We lost by 1in over time 20-21. Adrian with 6 points, and Vernard with 5 points to help out with the offense, and Noah, and Brendan stepped up on defense.
2nd game
We played Coloma 7th grade. We did pretty good all around. Marcus, RaeKwon, and Brendan led the team with 6 points each, with the win 29-16 good job..
3rd game
We played Coloma 8th grade. This was a tuff one for us, defensively we didn't do so hot. We lost 15-31 Adrian came in with lead score with 7 ponits.
4th game
Coloma 7th was our last game. We did pretty good. I started the 2nd string and played them and tryed new plays. We took the win with the final score 25-14.

So we came home with 1st place medals for winning the Coloma tournament.

Hillsdale Tournament
1-26 - Comstock 28 - Columbia 35
1-26 - Comstock 45 - Homer 48
1-26 - Comstock 32 - Hillsdale 23
Our first game we played Columbia, We started of shakey, we was down by12 at have, but we started gaining on them but couldn't quite pull it off in time and lost by 7. Marcus with 11points, and Adrian with 8 points. 28-35
2nd game we played the team we been trying to beat for the last 3 years, Homer. I was very proud of the boys because they came to play, even though we was down by 10 at half we switched from 2-3 zone to man to man and we fell in place. We tied the game 40-40 went into over time. We still couldn't pull it off lost by 3. 45-48 RaeKwon led the team with 13 points.
3rd game we played Hillsdale, and we pretty good. Bryce, Brendon, and Noah played good D, while Vernard, and RaeKwon did well on offense. We came on top 32-23
12-15 - Comstock 25 - Galesburg-8 10