Our Michigan Legislature has passed a law that focuses on reading proficiency for elementary students. More information about Michigan’s Third Grade Reading Law can be found on the Michigan Department of Education website.

Comstock Public Schools is focused on helping all students be strong readers. Here are the steps we are taking:

  1. Students are given the NWEA MAP Assessment three times a year. During the year, students are progress monitored with various assessments to make sure they are making adequate progress at their grade level.

  2. School officials identify students who are not reading at grade level.

If your child is not reading at grade level, the school will invite you to a meeting to develop an Individualized Reading Improvement Plan (IRIP). These meetings will happen soon, and they are required along with the implementation of a home reading plan. 

Developing literate students is a partnership between families and the school. Finally, we encourage all families to communicate with your child's teacher, and read with your child daily!