Varsity Softball
Coach Lisa Kiino & Asst. Coach Joe Hnilo & Lee Stewart

5-2 - Otsego Invitational
Comstock 0 - Edwardsburg 12
Comstock 20 - Plainwell 6
Comstock 0 - Watervliet 13

Saturday Comstock traveled to the Otsego Invitational losing the first game to Edwardsburg 0-12 with too many physical and mental errors to overcome a tough Edwardsburg team.  This was the first game Comstock has been shut out all season and they only recorded 2 hits.  Hits for Comstock were huge hits with a triple from Ari Stewart and a double from Calisa Buell.  Game 2 Comstock went on to play Plainwell and started swinging the bat better scoring 5 runs in both the first and second inning 2 in the fifth and 8 in the sixth winning 20-6.  Hits for Comstock were Stewart 4 (2 doubles), Brandi Munson 2, Schreiner (double), Groll 2, Watson 3, Loucks 3 (triple), Gilley (double), Brooke Munson, Thomas, Buell.  Comstock finished the game with 19 hits.  RBI's were Stewart, Brandi Munson 2, Schreiner 3, Groll, Watson 2, Loucks 3, Thomas 2.  Game 3 Comstock did not have enough left losing to Watervliet 0-13.  Not being allowed a run for the 2nd time in the day.  Comstock only had 2 hits by Schreiner and Loucks.

5-1 - Comstock 4 - Marshall 3
5-1 - Comstock 12 - Marshall 5

Friday Comstock hosted Marshall with a close first game hanging on to win 4-3.  Hits for were Brandi Munson, Ari Stewart, Morgan Watson and Alyssa Loucks.  Abby Schreiner had an RBI and picked up the win.  Game 2 Comstock finally got their bats going winning 12-5.  Hits for Comstock were Stewart, Brandi Munson 2, Schreiner 3 (double), Mollohan 2 (double), Groll 2, Watson 2 (2 doubles) and Loucks 2.  RBI's Stewart, Brandi Munson, Schreiner, Mollohan 4, Groll 2 and Loucks 3.  Morgan Watson did a nice job behind the plate catching her first double header.

4-28 - Comstock 2 - Kalamazoo Christian 15
4-28 - Comstock 1 - Kalamazoo Christian 16

Comstock dropped 2 games last Tuesday to Kalamazoo Christian.  Game 1 Comstock lost 2-15 just not able to string this together.  Hits for the Colts were Abby Schreiner with 2, Ari Stewart and Lexi Mollohan.  RBI's were Kyla Alworden and Lexi Mollohan.  Game 2 was no better losing 1-16.  The lone hit for Comstock was by Ari Stewart.  Alexis Black did a good job on the mound.

4-25 - Gull Lake Invitational
Comstock 14 - Haslett 9
Comstock 10 - Kalamazoo Central 9
Comstock 3 - Decatur 14

Comstock traveled to the Gull Lake Invitational in Battle Creek Saturday morning after an exciting Friday night come back.  Game 1 Comstock played Haslett.  The Colts scored 6 runs in the 2nd and 3 in the 3rd but allowed Haslet 2 in the 2nd, 2 in the 3rd and then 5 in the 5th.  Comstock came fighting back to school 5 runs in the 6th inning to win 14-9.  Hits for Comstock were Schreiner 4(double) with Brooke Munson running for her with a pulled run, Brandi Munson 2, Stewart, Preston, Groll 3, Watson 2, Kerr 3.  RBI's Schreiner with 6, Brandi Munson, Stewart 2, Preston, Alworder, Kerr 3.  Game 2 Comstock played Kalamazoo Central in another exciting exciting extra inning game coming back in the international tie breaker extra inning to score a run and then hold Central with a a runner on 2nd and 3rd with no outs not allowing them to score.  Kyla Alworden stepped in to play a good 2nd base when normal starter Brandi Munson was injured.  Abby Schriener dug deep with 2 big strike outs in that inning.  Hits for Comstock Schreiner 2, Brandi Munson 2 (double), Stewart, Preston, Groll, Watson, Alworder, Kerr.  Game 3 The colts just ran out of gas by the 5th game in less then 24 hours in the wind and cold, plagued with injuries and down starters.  Giving up too many runs on too many errors they could not stop Decatur's offense losing 3-14.  Abby Schreiner pitched again for the Colts while Ari Stewart protected the plate.  Kyla Alworden stepped up big to play 2nd base.  Hits for Comstock were Stewart, Schreiner 3, Watson and Loucks.  RBI's were Schreiner 2 and Watson.  Ending their 5 game winning streak but coming in 2nd place at the Gull Lake Invitational Bronze division!  Ending the day Abby Schreiner was 9 hits and 10 RBI's.  Ari Stewart had 6 hits between Friday and Saturday with 8 RBI's.  Laken Groll had 6 hits in 4 games with her first triple.

4-24 - Comstock 4 - Delton-Kellogg 2
4-24 - Comstock 11 - Delton-Kellogg 6

In game 1 Comstock softball came back to win the game 4-2.  Hits for Comstock were Schreiner 2 (double), Brandi Munson, Preston, Mollohan, Buell, Stewart 2.  RBI's for comstock were Stewart, Gilley and Calisa Buell with 2.  Game 2 Comstock came from behind again in the last inning to tie the game in 7 innings forcing the game into extra innings with the international tie breaker rule.  Comstock came out aggressive scoring 6 runs in the 8th.  Hits for the Colts were Schreiner (double), Stewart (double), Prest 2, Mollohan 5, Groll 2 (triple).  RBI's Schreiner 2, Stewart 2, Preston, Mollohan 3, Groll 2 Lexi Mollohan finished the night playing a solid short stop and offensively was 6 for 7 with 1 walk, 2 stolen bases and 5 RBI's.

4-21 - Comstock 10 - Galesburg-Augusta 18
4-21 - Comstock 9 - Galesburg-Augusta 8

Comstock lost game 1 18-10 after coming back a couple times it just wasn't enough.  Comstock hits were Brandi Munson, Screiner (double), Stewart 2 (homerun), Preston 2 (double), Mollohan, Buell, Gilley (triple).  RBI's were Stewart 3, Preston, Mollohan and Gilley with 2.  Ari Stewart had her 2nd homerun of the season.  Abby Schreiner had 7 strike outs.  Game 2 Comstock rallied through a cold and windy night to come back and win the the bottom of the 5th inning with 2 outs.  Comstock had only 1 error defensively helping to win the game.  Hits for Comstock were Brandi Munson, Gilley 2, Buell, Groll 2 (double).  In the last inning the Colts were down 2 runs when Laken Groll came up with the big hit and then scored off a pinch hit from Calisa Buell.  Skyler Kerr then came in to run and then Abby Schreiner walked.  Brook Munson came in to run for Schreiner.  Ari Stewart came to the plate and came up with a hit to the left field fence scoring both runs with a walk off double.

4-18 - Loy Norrix Invitaitonal
Comstock 1 - Bloomingdale 10
Comstock 2 - Loy Norrix 5
Comstock 15 - Godwin Heights 0

Game 1 Comstock just did not get things started losing the first game 1-10.  Comstock hits were Screiner 2 (double), Brandi Munson, Groll, Loucks and Watson.  Morgan Watson came up with the only RBI.  Game 2 Comstock lost a close game to Loy Norrix 2-5.  Hits for Comstock were Stewart with a triple and Watson.  RBI's were Stewart and Preston.  Game 3 Comstock came out strong to win 15-0 against Godwin Heights in 5 innings.  Comstock hits were Screiner 3 (2 doubles), Brandi Munson 2, Stewart 2, Groll and Kerr 2.  Comstock RBI's Schreiner 3, Stewart 4, Groll, Gilley, Watson 2 and Kerr 2.

4-14 - Comstock 3 - Olivet 5
4-14 - Comstock 10 - Olivet 12

Comstock lost 2 close games in Olivet.  Game 1 the Colts lost 3-5  Hits for Comstock were Stewart, Preston, Groll 2, and Gilley.  RBI's for Comstock were Groll with 2 and Gilley. In game 2 the girls had 14 hits but just couldn't push a couple more runs across losing 10-12.  Comstock hits were Schreiner 3 (double), Brandi Munson 2 (double), Stewart 3 (double), Preston (double), Mollohan 2 (double), Buell, Watson, Kerr.  RBI's were Brandi Munson, Preston, Mollohan and Watson. Highlight of the game was Brandi Munson with 4 RBI's.

4-11 - Comstock Invitational
Comstock 7 - Brandywine 16
Comstock 11 - Godwin Heights 10
Comstock 3 - Bronson 19

Game 1 Comstock softball lost 16-7.  Comstock hit the ball well and came back but it wasn't enough.  Hits for comstock were Schreiner, Brandi Munson, Stewart with 2 (double and homerun), Loucks, Gilley, Groll (double).  RBI's Schreiner, Groll and Stewart with 5.  Highlight for the game was Ari Stewart hitting her first career homerun, it was a 3 run homerun past left field.  She also finished the game with 5 RBI's.  Game 2 Comstock came back in extra innings to win 11-10. After giving up 7 runs in the 3rd inning the Colts came back to score 2 in the third, 3 in the fourth and then loading the bases in the 5th with no outs Laken Groll hit a walk off single up the middle to score the winning run.  Comstock hits were Schreiner with 2, Stewart with 3 (double and triple), Preston, Groll 2, Loucks and Buell.  RBI's for Comstock were Schreiner 3, Brandi Munson, Stewart 2, Preston, Groll, Buell and Kerr.  Game 3 Comstock just couldn't put it together losing 19-3.  Comstock did score 3 runs in the 3rd.  Comstock hits were Schreiner, Brani Munson and Preston.  Sara Preston came up with the RBI.

3-31 - Comstock 2 - Coldwater 5

3-31 - Comstock 2 - Coldwater 17

Comstock softball lost 2 games last night to Coldwater in their season opener.  Game one Comstock had 5 hits, Stewart with a double, Schreiner with a double, Prestin with one and Calisa Buell with 2.  Ari and Sara had the 2 RBI's.  Comstock lost the first game 5-2  In game two the Colts lost 17-2.  Hits for the Colts were Mollohan, Schreiner with a double, Preston and Buell.  Sara had the 2 RBI's in game 2.  Though losing 2 games some good things happened.  Tajah Thomas scored Comstock's first run of the season as a courtesy runner for pitcher Abby Schreiner.  Our freshmen infielders Gilley and Louke's made the first 3 outs of the season.   Calisa Buell had 3 hits on the night in her first 2 starts.  Sara Preston came up with 3 RBI's as the designated hitter.  Laken Groll in her first game ever threw two Coldwater players out from the outfield and made a diving catch.