MS Track & Field
Coach Amy Hall
Asst. Coach Ahkyla Blakely

5-24 - MHSAA MS Regional

Comstock Colts Middles School Track Team came to an end with Regionals. The students did an awesome job in their individual meets. Cornelius Perkins set another PR in the 70m dash with a time of 9.64. Kevin Owens and Teegan Hagenbuch placed in the 100m dash and the 200m dash. Avery Kutsche placed in the 70m dash. The boys placed 3rd in the 4x100 meter relay while the girls placed 4th. 

5-10 - Comstock MS Invitational

The Comstock Middle Track team made it  through another SAC before Regionals. The team fought hard on the cold windy day but camre up a little short. However, the boys did an awesome job in their 4x100m relay coming in 1st place with a time of 56.18. Cornelius Perkins set another PR for the 70m dash at 9.69. We are on to Regionals.

5-6 - Kalamazoo Christian MS Meet

Comstock Middle School ran in their Divisional meet and came up short. However, they did an awesome job in the rain and cold. 6th grader Cornelius Perkins set another PR in the 70m dash at 9.70. 

5-4 - Comstock MS Meet

Another SAC Track Meet for the Middle School and the Comstock Colts did an awesome job in their individual race.  Avery Kutsche placed 1st in the 70m dash and Ereni Polhamus placed 3rd in the 55m Hurdles. Cornelius Perkins placed 2nd in the 70m dash and Da
von Gordon placed 2nd in the 100m dash. Teegan Hagenbuch placed 1st in the 200m dash. WAY TO GO COLTS!!!!!

4-27 - SAC Comstock Meet

Comstock Middle School track team came in 3rd place in the SAC Middle School Meet. However, we had some shining stars. Avery Kutsche placed 2nd in the 70m, Alaynna Richardson placed  2and in the 200m. In the 4x100 relay  the boys placed 1st. In the 200m Devon Gordon placed 2nd and Teegan Hagenbuch placed 2nd in the 70m.

4-22 - SAC Schoolcraft Meet

Comstock MS Track Team did an AWESOME job yesterday in Schoolcraft Tri!  For the boys Kevin Owens came in 1st in the 100m while Devon Gordon 
came in 2nd place. Cornelius Perkins came in 1st place in the 70m dash while Cayden Shultz came in 2nd. The Girls came in 2nd place in the 4x100m relay. Alaynna Richardson set a new personal record in the 200m
32.78 seconds.

4-15 - SAC Parchment Meet

Comstock Middle School had their first SAC Meet at Parchment. Kevin Owens placed first place in the 200M dash and placed 2nd in the 100m dash.   Alaynna Richardson Placed 3rd in the 200m dash. Ereni Polhamus did an excellent job in the 55M Hurdle.