1986 Volleyball Team


1986 State Championship Volleyball Team


Front—Coach Jeff Borr, Sabrina Blanks, Manager Tracy King

Middle—Carol DeVries, Joy Watts, Janet Evans, Sherry Anderson, Becky Carlson

Back—Diane Carlson, Connie Thomas, Kathy Jackson, Pam Davan

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

― Mahatma Gandhi

Sherry Anderson, Sabrina Blanks, Becky Carlson, Diane Carlson, Carol DeVries, Jan Evans, Kathy Jackson, Pam Davan, Connie Thomas, & Joy Watts lived this message through the 1985-1986 volleyball campaign. There was something unusual and admirable about this group that set it apart; something deep and uncommon enough to propel the squad to the post-season first place finish amongst 160+ Class B high schools: innate talent, willingness to sacrifice personal gain for team success, friendships fortified by challenges throughout the season, determination to cooperate by viewing individual differences not as impediments to success but instead as strengths upon which to build their team, relentless work ethic, unparalleled enthusiasm, and team spirit. These are but a few of the many attributes that set this group apart and on a course to pave the way for future CHS athletes, earning the school and community their first state championship. Through it all, these ladies grew to believe in each other and in our team. Belief that begat action and became destiny.

by Coach Jeff Borr

It is absolutely wonderful to see the team that started the successful run of state volleyball championships at Comstock inducted. They were special to me because of their outstanding leadership, work ethicand special bond that they had for each other. Remembering back to the matches I used to watch, particularly when they were going up against my alma mater, Portage Northern, I can recall how great they worked together and how much they hustled. Sherry was an outstanding setter and had tremendous support around her. The 1986 Teamexhibited the "never give up" attitude and worked very hard to achieve the greatness that is bestowed on them today. They will always be special because of their laying the groundwork, paving the wayand being terrific role models for other great Colt players to come. Theirpreparation during the off season, ability to compete in other sports and stay competitive andto play togetheras a true team are absolutely what led to their achievements! Congratulations and a well deserved welcome to the CHS Hall of Fame Comstock High School Volleyball State Championship Team of 1986!

by Tracy Daniel

We were a bunch of girls who enjoyed volleyball and hanging out together. We were more than a team; we made a bond that year! Winning the state title just enhanced our friendships, our abilities and our dreams. It was an exciting time in my life and I cherish those moments. I smile every time I see an old photo of us at a tournament, singing Christmas carols, acting crazy in the hallways at CHS, or getting serious on the court. Being a state champion is an exhilarating feeling that I am proud to hold on too!

by Sabrina Blanks - Rogers

We had a great bunch of girls and we’re in the record books forever. We learned to never give up. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Also, practice and commitment pay off. Have fun at what you're doing.

by Sherry Anderson - Boughton

It was what we knew – work hard, compete, win. We had so much fun and as a group, truly enjoyed each other. And I remember it was fun! We walked on the floor expecting to win – every time.

by Pam Davan - Vesey

I had such pride to be on Comstock’s first state championship team. It was such an exciting time for me and I have very fond memories of my team. I also think winning gave me confidence in life. If you have the determination and work hard, you can achieve anything!

by Diane Carlson - Santman

I was very lucky to be a part of that team and to be able to play with such a talented group of ladies. We developed great friendships, worked hard physically and had a lot of fun together at the many tournaments and matches that led up to the state championship. It was a great way to top off my senior year at Comstock. I will always have great memories of that time in my life.

by Janette Evan - Hendrix

It was an amazing experience to be on the first team to win a state championship for Comstock High School. We had a wonderful group of girls on the team, a great coach, and very supportive families and fans. My experience on the team helped me develop a work ethic of always giving it my all and never giving up. It also helped me realize the importance of good teamwork.

by Caroline DeVries - David

Playing volleyball has provided me with friends all over the United States. Volleyball players are a very special group of people. It was exciting being a part of Comstock’s first state championship team.

by Connie Thomas - Gorno

It was a tremendous honor to be one of the first to win a state championship for Comstock High School. Playing on a team definitely helps you later in life with discipline, perseverance, striving for excellence, being a team player, accepting authority and dealing with multiple personalities in your personal and professional life.

by Joy Watts

1986 Season Accomplishments

  • MHSAA State Champions
  • Wolverine Conference Champions
  • Wolverine Conference Tournament Champions
  • Cereal City Classic Runner Up
  • G.R.J.C. Tournament Runner Up
  • Greater Kalamazoo Tournament Runner Up
  • Berrien Springs Invitational Champions

1986 Team Awards

  • Pam Davan – 1st Team All State, All Wolverine Conference, All GK, All Region
  • Sherry Anderson – 2nd Team All State, All Wolverine Conference, All GK, All Region
  • Sabrina Blanks – HM All State, All Wolverine Conference, All GK, All Region
  • Kathy Jackson – HM Wolverine Conference

Collegiate Volleyball Players

  • Sherry Anderson – Eastern Michigan University
  • Sabrina Blanks – Southwest Michigan College
  • Diane Carlson – Southwest Michigan College
  • Pam Davan – New Mexico State & Eastern Michigan University
  • Caroline DeVries – Case Western Reserve University
  • Connie Thomas – University of Tennessee & Michigan State University