4th Boys


4th Grade Boys

Coach Matt Meach


Springport Tournament Runner Up

Front Row - Jaden Ruper, Bryce Plane, Andre' Ford, Zac Gregg, Luke Macleay
Back Row - Markell Blackwell, Masson Mollohan, Chance Saddler, JJ Camburn, Mason Meach, Coach Matt Meach
Not Pictured - Quincy Pritchett 


3-7 - Comstock Tournament
Comstock 31 - Galesburg-Augusta 9
Comstock 28 - Harper Creek 20
Comstock 16 - Lakeview 22
Comstock 17 - Kalamazoo 32

2-28 - Jonesville Tournament
Comstock 24 - Chelsea 28
Comstock 12 - Jonesville 42
Comstock 18 - Columbia Central 13
Comstock 27 - Coldwater 11
The 4th grade boys went 2-2 this weekend in Jonesville. First game we lost to Chelsea 28-24. Then they played Jonesville 42-12 and lost. Then we won the next two games playing Columbia 18-13 and coldwater 27-11. The team played good defense the entire tournament but Mason Meach stood out on defense with his scrappy play and shutdown their star players. Then leading the team in scoring was Andre ford, Masson Mollohan and Bryce Plane and all the boys played  exceptionally well and shown so much growth throughout this season. I'm very proud of all my players this weekend.

2-21 - Springport Tournament Runner Up
Comstock 13 - Olivet 38

Comstock 37 - Springport 14
Comstock 36 - Charlotte 12
4th grade boys played in springport this weekend taking second place and going 2-1 for the day. We lost the first game to olivet 38-13 and the won our last two games against springport 37-14 and Charlotte 36-12. The boys played one of there best games defensively this weekend. Bryce plane and Masson Mollohan lead the scoring with help from mason meach and jj Camburn scoring and playing strong defense. Overall great job and was very proud of our team.

2-8 - Comstock Tournament
Comstock 14 - Penn 32
Comstock 14 - Jonesville 24
Comstock 21 - Kalamazoo 31
The 4th boys played a home tournament going 0-3 and played some really tough teams. First game was 14-32 against penn, 2nd game we played Jonesville and the score was 24-14 and then ended the tournament against kalamazoo 21-31. Leading the team in scoring was Andre ford, Masson Mollohan and Bryce Plane.

1-31 - Litchfield Tournament
Comstock 12 - Tecumseh 25
Comstock 13 - Jonesville 32
Comstock 16 - Olivet 20
Bryce plane had a great tournament leading the scoring in all three games.  Mason Mollahan and Mason Meach played hard defense and helped shut down kids twice their size.

12-13 - Comstock Sharp Shooter Tournament
Comstock 14 - Mattawan 12
Comstock 8 - Michiana 31
Comstock Win vs Harper Creek

12-6 - Comstock 30 - Mattawan 16

The 4th grade team beat Mattawan 30-16. The 4th grade boys are now 6-0 heading into the tournament next week. It was a hard fought team game and they played great team ball. 

11-22 - Comstock 38 - Galesburg-Augusta 8
11-22 - Comstock 31 - Galesburg-Augusta 1

The 4th grade boys won both their games this weekend winning 38-8 and 31-1. They played great team basketball and all the players scored. Leading scorers were Masson Mollohan, Andre Ford and Bryce plane. 

11-15 - Comstock 32 - Vicksburg 23

The fourth grade team played a tough game against Vicksburg winning 32-23. Andre ford lead the team with 11 points. Bryce plane had 10 points and Masson Mollohan had 8 points. 

11-8 - Comstock 29 - Mattawan 28

Comstock 4th grade team won a close game against Mattawan 29-28. Everyone played hard. Leading the way Masson Mollohan scored 10 points. Bryce plane had 6 points and Mason Meach had 4 points and Andre ford had 7 points. 

11-1 - Comstock 40 - Galesburg-Augusta 0

The fourth grade boys played a tough game against Galesburg winning 40-0. The team played tough defense. Masson Mollohan was able to score 18 points and Andre Ford had 10 points.  Mason Meach and JJ Camburn played good defense shutting down their players and getting multiple steals.