2021 - 8th Grade

Comstock 8th Boys Basketball
Coach Larry Allen

12-13 - Comstock 50 - Bangor 11

Last night's game was pretty solid for the whole team. Audris Warden led all scores with 14 points. GerAmiah Crawford chipped in 10 points and Hayden Ampey 11 points. Bradley Tucker and Teegan Hagenbuch chipped in 2 points each as they saw plenty of playing time. 

12-8 - Comstock 38 - Bloomingdale 22

Last night the Colts defeated Bloomingdale 38-22. Audris Warden was on fire as he hit 10 points. Jeremiah Crawford chipped in 8, Jamian Robinson had 7 points, and Hayden Ampey 6 points.

12-3 - Comstock 33 - Hartford 21

Friday night's game was close until halftime. Once again Lucas Platte hit key buckets causing momentum to switch. He finished with 8 points. Victor Algurelle also scored 8 points. Hayden Ampey has improved each game as he chipped in 6 points. The final score was Colts 33 and Indians 21. 

12-1 - Comstock 45 - White Pigeon 38 OT

Last night's game in White Pigeon was a thriller. White Pigeon led the entire first half and at one point was leading by 14 points. The Colts cut the lead to 12 points at the half. After half time the colts kept chugging away but White Pigeon would not let up. With seconds left Audris Warden passed the ball to Jay'veonn Buchanan and he  hit a three pointer tying the game. In overtime Lucas Platte was amazing as he hit two key buckets and Audris Warden was as well, as he hit a key bucket and hit 3 out of 4 free throws. Jay'veonn Buchanan finished with 19 points and Hayden Ampey chipped in 10 points. The final score was Colts 45 and White Pigeon 38.

11-29 - Comstock 48 - Bangor 22

Last night's game was interesting as Bangor kept it close until halftime. Jay'veonn Buchanan had a season high 22 points. Victor Algurelle had 10 points and Hayden Ampey got it going while grabbing rebounds and chipped in 8 points. The final score was Colts 48 and Bangor 22.

11-22 - Comstock 39 - Bloomingdale 14

The 8th grade Colts played a decent game last night. Jamian Robinson was on fire as he led the team with 21 points and 100% from the free throw line. Jayveonn Buchanan chipped in 14 and once again Lucas Platte and Hayden Ampey pulled down key rebounds. The final score was Colts 39 and Bloomingdale 14.

11-17 - Comstock 43 - Hartford 14

The 8th grade team played well last night. Jayveonn Buchanan was the high scorer with 14 and Audris Warden was solid pushing the ball 7 points and good defense. GerAmiah Crawford chipped in 10 points and Jamian Robinson was a leader with 7 points. Giving good solid time was Hayden Ampey as well. The final score was 43 Colts and Hartford 14.

11-15 - Comstock 38 - Mendon 10

Overall the boys played well together. The defeated Mendon 38-10 Germiah Crawford was high point with 20, he really banged in the pain. overall everon chipped in a point or two. Lucas Platte and Hayden Ampey pulled down some key rebounds.

11-10 - Comstock 31 - Decatur 8

It took the Colts a little bit of time to get going but once they did, they couldn't be stopped.  JayVeonn Buchanan led the Colts with 15 points.

11-8 - Comstock 32 - Cassopolis 29

Comstock had a close one tonight with Cassopolis and ultimately, did a great job down the stretch scoring some important points.  

11-2 - Comstock Loss vs Paw Paw - Scrimmage

The team played a little lackluster as we got behind in the first few minutes. The team showed some resilience as we started dumping the ball into GerAmiah Crawford and he chipped in a few buckets from the post. We struggled closing out on defense as Paw Paw kept getting into the lane. Victor Algurelle gave us solid minutes handling the ball.