2012 MS Boys


MS Boys Soccer

10-25 - Comstock 1 - Delton 0
The MS boys soccer team played their last game of the year on Thursday of last week and came out victorious against Delton by a score of 1-0 to bring their season record to 4-4-2.  Garrett Green scored the loan goal off an assist by Kyle Moore and Seth Ansel had his best game of the year.  Jesse Mortimer, Tim Thomas, Evan Veenhuis, Kyle Moore and Garrett Green did an outstanding job on defense to preserve the win.
10-17 - Comstock 0 - Plainwell 2
The boys soccer team lost to Plainwell last night 2-0.  After losing 6-0 the first time we played them, a lot of improvement has happened and we even had some scoring chances ourselves.  Bernardino Sivley played very hard last night and Evan Veenhuis and Garrett Green continue to stabilize the defense.  Brandan Willis and David Miller are improving tremendously as well.
10-15 - Comstock 5 - Lawton 5
The boys played a great game.  Garrett Green and Kyle Moore both scored 2 goals each and Jaidyn Love scored his first goal of the year.  Tim Thomas also played a great game on defense.  Nice work boys.
10-10 - Comstock 0 - Allegan 4
The boys had some great scoring chances tonight but just couldn't connect.  The level of play our boys exhibited doesn't reflect a 4-0 score.
10-3 - Comstock 2 - Vicksburg 0
Mubarak Hasan was the game changer for the boys finishing with both goals.  Congratulations to the entire team for playing such a great game.
10-1 - Comstock 6 - Mattawan Gold 0
The boys soccer team beat Mattawan 6-0 last night.  Mubarak Hasan scored 3 goals, Kyle Moore added 2 and Garrett Green added 1.  The boys did a terrific job.  David Miller, Branden Willis and Jesse Mortimer continue to improve and are doing a great job on the outside.  Nice work boys.
9-24 - Comstock 2 - Mattawan Blue 3
The boys soccer team played a tough game vs Mattawan last night and lost 3-2.  Evan Veenhuis and Kyle Moore scored for the Colts.  Jesse Mortimer is continuing to do a great job and Garrett Green continues to be strong in the middle.
9-19 - Comstock 0 - Plainwell 6
The boys came up against a tough Plainwell squad and did very well even though the score doesn't reflect it.  Mobarak Hasan continues to play very well for the team in a variety of different places.
9-17 - Comstock 1 - Delton 1
The MS boys soccer team played a tough Delton team last night and tied 1-1.  Evan Veenhuis scored Comstock's goal off of a penalty kick.  The defense was amazing outplaying a good offensive attack by Delton.  Jesse Mortimer was outstanding along with Garrett Green, Evan Veenhuis and Mobarak Hasan.
9-12 - Comstock 7 - Marcellus 0
The boys MS soccer team started off the season beating Marcellus 7-0 last night.  Evan Veenhuis and Seth Ansel both scored 2 goals and Mobarak Hasan, Zac Taube and Branden Willis scored 1.  The boys did a very nice job.