Comstock Public Schools

Athletic Hall of Fame




The purpose of the Comstock Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor former Comstock athletes, teams, coaches and others who have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics either by virtue of their performance on athletic teams representing Comstock, college, professional, or meritorious efforts on behalf of Comstock High School Athletics.


Hall of Fame Committee


The Hall of Fame Committee shall be assembled by the athletic director.  The athletic director will consider Comstock Board of Education members, Comstock Sports Booster members, coaches, teachers, alumni and community members when making appointments to the committee.


Selection Process


The following selection process shall be used:

  1. Nomination applications may be submitted to the athletic department from March 1st to November 1st of each calendar year.  Applications can be found at or mailed directly from the athletic office to the person submitting the nomination form.
  2. During the November meeting, the nominees will be screened by the Hall of Fame Committee and a final selection vote will take place.
  3. A suggested maximum of four individuals and one team shall be inducted into the Hall of Fame each year.
  4. Nominations may be made posthumously.



The following criteria for selection shall be used:

  1. Each nominee shall be considered for election to the Hall of Fame by reason of outstanding achievement or meritorious service to Comstock Athletics.
  2. Athletes become eligible for election into the Hall of Fame five years after graduation.
  3. Teams become eligible for election into the Hall of Fame seven years after the outstanding season. 
  4. Coaches and other contributors shall become eligible for induction upon retirement/resignation from Comstock Public Schools.
  5. All inducted members shall be of sound ethical character and have strived to be successful. 
  6. The Hall of Fame Committee reserves the right to make exceptions at any time.

Voting Process


The voting process is as follows:

  1. Hall of Fame Induction voting will take place during the November meeting.
  2. All nominations received by November 1 will be considered.
  3. Two votes will take place to determine who will be inducted each year.
    1. First Vote – Each nominee will be discussed and then voted upon to see if the nominee qualifies for the second round of voting.  A majority vote by the committee moves the nominee to the second round.  
    2. Second Vote – Each committee member will number the list of nominees from the most deserving to the least deserving.



The following induction process shall be used:

  1. The Hall of Fame Banquet Committee will meet to determine a suitable evening in April to have the Hall of Fame dinner and induction.
  2. Each individual inductee shall receive a clock-plaque and a permanent plaque highlighting his/her contributions to Comstock Athletics will be displayed at Comstock High School in his/her honor.  Individual inductees will also receive a lifetime sports pass for himself/herself and a guest.
  3. An award is to be determined but will be presented to each member of a team that is inducted along with a permanent team plaque displayed at Comstock High School in their honor.
    1. The cost to be assumed by the Sports Boosters Club would include:

i.   Plaques

ii.   DVD’s for each inductee

  iii.   Refreshments

iv.   Flowers

    1. Any additional costs should be approved by the Sports Boosters.



Every effort should be made by the Hall of Fame Committee to make the community aware of the Hall of Fame and inductions.