Early Middle College

Why Choose Early Middle College?

Training beyond high school is more important than ever, and college is more expensive than ever. Middle-skilled jobs require 2 years of post-secondary education. In our country today, 8 million people are underemployed and not trained to meet the needs of business and industry.

Early Middle College is a great opportunity for students. EMC provides students with the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and/or a certificate or an associate degree. Students will take classes at Comstock High School AND at Kalamazoo Valley Community College (at both the Texas Township campus AND the Arcadia Commons Campus in Downtown Kalamazoo).

The EMC model looks like this:

• Students are enrolled in high school for a 13th year to provide them the opportunity to complete a program of study, or an associate degree.
• EMC courses begin in the 10th grade year.
• College credits are paid for by the school district.

Benefits of EMC

• Students 
receive support services from both Comstock High School and the college
• Students are working toward a specific certificate or degree program
• Free tuition, books, and fees
• The Associate of Arts Degree is a direct transfer to WMU

Degrees that are available

  • Associate of arts
    62-63 credit hours - transfers to WMU
  • Associate of Applied Science - Graphic Design
    63-64 credit hours 
  • Associate of Applied Science - Machine Tool Technology
    62 credit hours 
  • Graphic Design Certificate
    30 credit hours
  • Machinist Certificate
    32 credit hours
  • Certificate of Achievement - PC Support Technician
    18 credit hours
  • Certificate of Achievement - Welding Technologies
    10 credit hours

Student Supports:

• College Success Strategies course (at CHS)*
• Early Middle College Seminar (at CHS)*
• Early Middle College Mentor (at CHS and KVCC)*

Courses taken at KVCC will follow the KVCC academic calendar and course schedule. Courses taken at Comstock High School will follow the Comstock Public Schools academic calendar and course schedule.

Students taking classes on KVCC's campus will be responsible for their own transportation. The Arcadia Campus is located in downtown Kalamazoo on the city bus route.

Under the law, the total amount of tuition and fees support shall not exceed either of the following: 

• The total amount of tuition and fees for the course(s)
• The statewide pupil-weighted average foundation allowance, adjusted for the proportion of the school year that the pupil attends the post-secondary institution (KVCC)

To become an EMC student, you must complete an application, attend a meeting, and meet the KVCC course requirements. Find our more by talking  to someone in the College & Career Academy

More information: kresa.org/emc

*Comstock K-12 Virtual School students will receive these supports, but not at Comstock High School.