Freshman Girls Basketball

Coach Anna Meulenberg Munn


Front Row - Morgan Watson, Marissa VanDyk, Alexis Black, Taylor Wells

Back Row - Seirra Prouty, Kelsee Wingler, Laken Groll, Precious Echols, Miranda Cannon, Coach Anna Meulenberg-Munn

Alexis Black

Kelsee Wingler

Laken Groll

Marissa VanDyk

Miranda Cannon

Morgan Watson

Seirra Prouty

Taylor Wells

2013-14 Freshman Team

2-20 - Comstock 39 - Plainwell 29

2-18 - Comstock 23 - Plainwell 38

2-13 - Comstock 38 - Delton 11

2-6 - Comstock 38 - Paw Paw 28

2-4 - Comstock 51 - Hackett 38

2-3 - Comstock 27 - Vicksburg 39

1-30 - Comstock 37 - Otsego 39

1-23 - Comstock 38 - Delton 29

The Lady Colts freshmen basketball team traveled to Delton where they beat the Panthers 38-29. The girls did a nice job beating Delton's press and tying their season high score of 38 points in a game. Laken Groll had 3 solid blocks and 7 rebounds. Marissa VanDyk scored 15 points. 

1-17 - Comstock 38 - Plainwell 47

The freshmen girls basketball team continues to improve every day. The Colt's played against a well disciplined Plainwell team losing a tough one 47-38. This was by far the best game the girls have played as a whole this season. Sierra Prouty, Morgan Watson, Alexis Black and Taylor Wells did an excellent job cutting off the sideline and trapping Plainwell's guards. Leading the Colts in scoring was Miranda Cannon with a season high of 17 points! Following the lead scorer was Marissa Vandyk and Laken Groll with 10 and 8 points each. 

1-14 - Comstock 30 - Parma Western 51

The Comstock freshmen girls basketball team hosted Jackson Parma Western; losing 51-30. Miranda Cannon did a nice job attacking the hoop scoring 10 points for the Colts. Laken Groll and Kelsee Wingler showed their talent by snagging down 8 and 7 rebounds. 

1-13 - Comstock 19 - Kalamazoo Christian 17

The freshmen girls basketball team traveled across town to play Kalamazoo Christian on Monday afternoon. The Colts beat the Comets in a close one 19-17. Leading the way in scoring for Comstock was Marissa Vandyk with 8 points and Alexis Black with 5. 

12-28 - Comstock 20 - Calvin Christian 33

In game #2, the championship game, Comstock lost a hard fought game against Calvin Christian, 33-20. Miranda Cannon lead the team in scoring with 11 points. Marissa Vandyk added 8 and Morgan Watson knocked down a free throw. Kelsee Wingler continues to improve giving the colts a few defensive blocks. 

12-27 - Comstock 27 - Delton 25

In game #1 of the Christmas Tournament the Colts hosted Delton. The girls came out strong against the panthers winning by 8 at half-time. As the game progressed Delton's defense started making steals and getting easy buckets.  The game was tied with 23 seconds. The Colts inbounded it, took a shot and with 3.6 seconds left Kelsee Wingler got a put back to seal the win. The girls beat Delton 27-25. 

12-19 - Comstock 15 - Paw Paw 36

The freshmen basketball team traveled to Paw Paw where they lost to the Redskins 36-15. Seirra Prouty snagged down 9 rebounds for the colts and Adriana Peake pulled in 6 more. Alexis Black, Kelsee Wingler, Seirra Prouty, Taylor Wells and Adriana Peake all scored for Comstock. 

12-17 - Comstock 15 - Three Rivers 38

The freshmen girls basketball team travel to Three Rivers last night, losing 11-38. The girls fought hard but couldn't maintain a lead. Taylor Wells lead the Colts in scoring. Adriana Peake had some good defensive stops along with Kelsee Wingler doing a nice job stopping Three River's tallest player from scoring. Go Colts!

12-12 - Comstock 26 - Otsego 38

The freshmen girls basketball team lost to Otsego 38-26. The Bulldogs came out in a fierce attack on the Colts. The girls got behind on the score early in the game and couldn't get back on top. Miranda Cannon lead the team with 11 rebounds and 9 points. Sierra Prouty added 3 points while Kelsee Wingler did a good job playing help-side defense. 

12-9 - Comstock 34 - Kalamazoo Christian 23

The freshmen girls basketball team hosted the Comets of Kalamazoo Christian last night. The Colts came out strong, out scoring K. Christian 15 to 2 in the first quarter. Their strength continued throughout the game, never losing the lead. Final score was 34-23. Leading the girls in scoring was Taylor Wells with 11 points followed by Marissa VanDyk with 8, Miranda Cannon with 7 and Morgan Watson and Alexis black with 4 points each. 

12-6 - Comstock 31 - Vicksburg 45

The freshmen girls basketball team played against a tall Vicksburg team Friday afternoon. The girls battled the entire game but couldn't seal the victory. Seirra Prouty stepped up as one of our post players, grabbing down some nice rebounds and defending Vicksburg's giants. Alexis Black did a good job breaking the press as well has having a couple nice drives to the basket. Keep battling, ladies. 

12-3 - Comstock 33 - Delton 18

The Freshmen girls basketball team defeated Delton-Kellogg with a score of 33-18. The Colts came out strong in the first quarter, taking the lead and never looking back. Miranda Cannon and Laken Groll were dominant on the boards, snagging all kinds of rebound. Kelsee Wingler did a great job stepping up on defense. Scoring for the Colts were Miranda Cannon with 15, Marissa Vandyk with 12, Alexis Black with 3, Taylor Wells with 2 and Morgan Watson with 1 point. Keep up the aggressive attitude ladies!