2023 - Fall

Coach Matthew Kregling

10-12 Valorant - Comstock 0 - Buchanan 13

Buchanon brought their A game and continue to show there presence in this league. We will definitely look back on this match to reflect on what strategies were out into play and how we can improve. Drew Chapman, Devlin Driscoll, Ivan Polhamus, Logan Hegedus and Austin Block were already planning their next steps to help improve their gameplay. Way to stay on target everyone! Go Colts!

10-10 Rocket - Comstock 3 - Marcellus 0

Another great game from our team! Today we had Ryan Beroza, Trey Kohler, Austin Block and Lindsey Block participate in the matchup against the Marcellus Wildcats. We are really beginning to get in sync and am excited to see our progress throughout the rest of this season! Go Colts!

10-2 Rocket - Comstock 3 - Lawrence 0

Great game Colts! I loved the communication and improvements on our rotation. We have solidified our defense so that we may capitalize on our offense and it truly shown hear today. Ryan Beroza, Trey Kohler and Austin Block were in top shape for this matchup! Go Colts!

9-28 Valorant - Comstock 13 - Watervliet 1

Today was a good start to our Valorant season, Drew Chapman, Daulten Duncan, Devlin Driscoll, Ivan Polhamus, and Austin Block shown great form today against the Watervilet Panthers. High fives and good plays were being rung out throughout the ESports room as the match progressed and I am happy to see the strong bonds between our players! Go Colts!

9-26 Rocket - Comstock 0 - Buchanan 3

Today was a tough match up against the previous champs of Rocket League the Buchanan Bucks. We had some issues with rotation and got found out of place when defending, but even then each match was close. It is good for us to see this early on and our players are holding their heads up high because they know what we need to work on. Great game to the Bucks and our team!