2023 - 8A

8A Boys Basketball
Coach Larry Allen

12-6 - Comstock 39 - Bangor 23

Last night the 8th grade A-Team had an explosive game defeating Bangor 39-23. Rasheed Patterson poured in 19 points, Cameron Waller and Da'varien Bible chipped in 9 points each.

12-4 - Comstock 21 - Lawrence 30

The 8th grade Colts basketball team lost to Lawrence 30-21. Isaiah Andrews chipped in 11 and William Smith scored 6 points.

11-30 - Comstock 28 - Centreville 36

The 8th grade A-Team lost in a fighting battle last night to Centerville. The final score was 36-28. The leading scorer was Rasheed Patterson with 9 points. Brandon Burnham chipped in 8 points. Cameron Waller and Isaiah Andrews had 5 points each.

11-29 - Comstock 22 - Hartford 17

Last night's game was interesting. The Comstock 8th grade team started on a 17-0 run. The Hartford team came back to take a 22-17 lead. The Colts came out with a victory 27-24. Brandon Burnham had 8 points and Rasheed Patterson had 9. Isaiah Andrews and Cameron Waller both had 5 points and also had a 3 pointer each.

11-27 - Comstock 26 - Centreville 44

The 8th grade boys A Team lost to Centerville last night. The final score was 44-26. Rasheed Patterson led the team with 11 points. Miquan Crayton had 4 points and some good ball handling.

11-20 - Comstock 20 - Bloomingdale 24

The 8th grade team lost a close one to Bloomingdale.  The boys were in it all night but just couldn't get the ball in the hole.  Rasheed Patterson led the Colts with 13 points.

11-13 - Comstock 40 - Bangor 26

The 8th grade A-Team pulled out a win last night versus Bangor. The final score was 40-26. Jerimiah Weitz played big as he scored in double digits and grabbed plenty of rebounds.

11-8 - Comstock 32 - Lawrence 27

The 8th grade boys A-team pulled a victory over Lawrence last night. The final score was 32-27. Jeremiah Weitz pulled down several rebounds while adding 8 points. Rasheed Patterson chipped in 12 points.

11-6 - Comstock 34 - Hartford 35

The 8th grade colts lost 35 to 34 to Hartford in a close game last night. Rasheed Patterson finished with 17 points, Jeremiah Weitz pulled down several rebounds, and Davarien Bible played great defense.