Family Lighthouse Team

CES Family Lighthouse Group

Parent as Teachers
You are your child’s first and best teacher. You can help your son or daughter discover the leader within and prepare for a great life of contribution to the world. The absolute best way to reinforce the importance of the 7 Habits, and to make sure your child lives them, is to model them in your own behavior.

Keep It Simple
Look for ways to integrate the 7 Habits into what you are already doing. Think of it not as one more thing, but as a better way of doing what you are already doing. Go at a pace that works for your family. You can plunge in all at once, or work at it slowly. Either way, you will see improvements as you reap the benefits of living timeless and universal principles as a family. Remember, your child possesses unique gifts and talents. Think about what these are, and what you can do to nurture and develop them.

Stay Connected With the School
As parents, you are busy, and often it is not possible for you to physically be at the school. However, there are other ways to stay connected and nurture the leader in your child.

  • Read notes coming home.
  • Read aloud to your child, pointing out or asking which habit the characters in the story used. (The same can be done for movies.)
  • Check out our Family Focus newsletters and postings for Habit of the Month, Volunteer opportunities, school events, and Family Lighthouse Team meetings.