sity Boys Soccer
Coach Mariah Phelps

10-13 - Comstock 0 - Battle Creek Calhoun Christian

We came out hard in the first half with two almost goals built by connecting passes in the midfield. We were playing down a man and eventually, we couldn't keep up and resorted to lazy soccer tactics.  Most of their goals were scored off of set pieces where we were outnumbered on the attack and our best opportunities came when we played soft balls to feet.  Shoutout to all the parents and fans who came and sat in the cold and rain for our first round of Districts.

10-10 - Comstock 2 - Hartford 1 - JV Contest

It was really exciting to win our last regular season match up of the season. Even though we played down a man for most of the game, we managed to get an early lead and contain their attacks.  We were grateful to have an even competitor to help prepare us for our coming district matchups. Shoutout to Fidel Ramos for his two goals.

10-6 - Comstock 2 - Berrien Springs 3

This was our most competitive game this season. We started down 0-1 until the half. A PK equalized the game and we traded goals until the end.  We pressed hard in the second half, but just ran out of time. We are always struggling to play both halves like they're the second half. If we had done that this game we would have come out on top.  Regardless, everyone played their best and felt good playing against a team that we were evenly matched with.  Shoutouts to Jaxon Smith for fighting for every ball and to Fidel Ramos for his two great goals.  

10-5 - Comstock 0 - Bloomingdale 5

We showed more heart as a team in this game than in any other so far this season. We really wanted to play tonight and that meant we were stepping to balls, getting back to support, and making big runs for opportunities on goal.  We played well with this team for 75% of the game and make them work for every shot they took.  Everyone gave 100% tonight, but special shoutouts go to Landon Hofacre, Jaxon Smith, and DJ Young for how they implemented what we've been working on in practice into this game and showing immense growth.

10-3 - Comstock 0 - Olivet 8

We almost held this game for the full 80 minutes. We managed to keep up with the other team in everything except the scoreboard through most of the second half. Unfortunately, we played with 10 for three quarters of the game which didn't do us any favors.  Shoutout to Landon Hofacre who had more saves in this game than he's had in any single game so far this season.

9-29 - Comstock 6 - Quincy 0

We started this game with intensity and communication that we kept up the entire match. All the things we've been working on all season culminated in one game and you could really see all the work we've put in and how far we've come as a team.  We were definitely the better team, but we never played down to our opponent's level. We brought it every minute of this game for a well-earned victory.  Shoutout to Prabjit Singh for his first goal of the season.

 9-28 - Comstock 2 - New Buffalo 5

We started slow this game but came out strong in the second half.  An early goal in the second half from Fidel Ramos picked up our momentum and we started to play aggressively and set up opportunities to attack.  Even though we were down, we put up a good fight and made this game evenly matched.  We still need to work on getting rid of the ball sooner and using all our strengths on the field.  Shoutout to Tyler Baker and Alex Ballesteros for cheering on their team and helping to keep our heads up.

9-26 - Comstock 1 - Bangor 7

In our second match up against Bangor, we put up a much better fight. The rain and wind made everything a lot harder. In spite of conditions, we were communicating, making quick passes, and working to build creative opportunities.  We still need to work on taking more shots and crashing the next, but we have come a long way in the last several weeks and this game proved it.  Shoutout to Fidel Ramos for his 45 yard goal.

9-22 - Comstock 1 - Black River 2 JV Scrimmage

We are always finding little ways to improve and tonight was no different. Once again, we tried several people in new positions and they all performed very well.  This game was one of our best primarily because we communicated well, worked the ball in all directions with patience, and didn't hesitate to take shots.  Shoutout to Teegan Hagenbuch for his first goal of the season!

9-21 - Comstock 0 - Cassopolis 8

This was another tough game for us. We played well as 11 individuals on the field, but the other team played with chemistry and communication that we couldn't keep up with.  We made some critical mistakes and continue to work on fundamentals, building plays, and playing simple soccer. Losing is never fun, but it pushes us to keep working on improving.

9-19 - Comstock 5 - Maple Valley 1

We came out hard early and set up good opportunities for our forwards and outside mids. We were connecting quick passes, moving off the ball, and seeing runs 3 and 4 passes in advance.  Both teams played an aggressive game and had to work for every pass and every shot. There wasn't one player who didn't leave this game tired.  Shoutout to Landon Hofacre for his first game in goal and Tyler Baker for his first goal of the season.

9-15 - Comstock 0 - Schoolcraft 8

This was a tough game for everyone. We did not play our best, but we held on as long as we could. We tried some people in different positions than their used to and were able to have 2 substitutions on the sidelines which gave everyone a rest who needed it.  After a long week of tough games, we just couldn't put it together, but have our heads held high for the games to come next week.

9-14 - Comstock 2 - Hartford 10

The first half was a mixed bag. We played really well for a few minutes, then not so great for a few minutes, and back and forth. When we were on it, we were connecting passes, pushing through the midfield and challenging their defensive line.  In the second half, everyone really shined. A new line up brought new energy to the field. Tyler Baker and Harmanjit Singh set up quick opportunities and Tyler Caswell and Prabjit Singh played scrappy defense and prevented easy shots. Even though we walked away with a loss, there was a lot to be proud of in this game.  Shoutout to Fidel Ramos for his 2 goals and for never giving up and Trey Kohler for stepping up as goal keeper in the second half.

9-12 - Comstock 1 - Parchment 6

Both teams played a very physical game and the officials let us play. The other team was scrappy and got an early lead with 2 quick goals. We had a nice combination finish by Trey Kohler and a Penalty Kick that their keeper barely saved. Shoutout to DJ Young and Cayden Schultz who had a few good offensive opportunities. 

9-9 - Comstock 0 - Howardsville Christian 5

The score really didn't reflect the balance of play in this game. We played just as well as the other team, but with 2 new players, we took some time to figure out our rhythm. You have to shoot to win and, unfortunately, we couldn't put together many good shooting opportunities. Shoutout to Cayden Schultz for his best game of the season and for creating plays in the midfield.

9-7 - Comstock 0 - Bangor 8

This was a tough game for all of us. We played with only 10 players, many of the guys in positions they've never played before.  We came out strong in the second half--we had more completed passes in the short second half than we had the rest of the game combined, unfortunately it wasn't enough to get us to the full 80 minutes.  Shout out to Trey Kohler, Teegan Hagenbuch, and Landon Hofacre who stepped up to fill positions no one else could with an intensity that lasted the whole game.

9-6 - Comstock 2 - Pennfield 7

Both teams were evenly matched for the first half, though Pennfield got an early lead. Unfortunately, in the second half we ran out of steam and got down on ourselves for a significantly disappointing end result.  The officials did a good job letting both sides play physically and our team was complimented repeatedly at the end of the game on our sportsmanship and composure in the face of a tough opponent.  Shoutouts go to Alex Ballesteros on a great first game of soccer EVER, Fidel Ramos for our 2 goals, and Tyler Baker for never giving up on a a play.

8-31 - Comstock 4 - Lawton 2

We had a rough first half and played down a man for about 15 minutes. The second half started 1-1 but a penalty kick scored by Trey Kohler put us ahead and the entire game changed.  We progressed from defense to midfield to forwards with triangle passes, give and gos, and overlaps for the rest of the game resulting in many goal scoring opportunities resulting in a final 4-2 victory.  Shout outs to DJ Young and Harmanjit Singh who has their best games of the season and helped us capitalize on every opportunity. 

8-23 - Comstock 0 - Hopkins 4

The colts had a rough start to the game and were down 0-3 at halftime. The team really came together in the second half to shut down the other team's offense and control the ball through the midfield for a few good opportunities. Unfortunately we were unable to capitalize our shots on goal.  Shout out to Tyler Caswell for 2 back to back amazing saves in the second half and to Cayden Schultz who stepped up to lead the center midfield in the second half.

8-19 - Comstock 6 - Coloma 2

Even though we played with only 9 players during the first half and 10 for the second half, we still came out on top.  Shout out to all our goal scorers. Fidel Ramos, 2; Cayden Schultz 1; and especially Trey Kohler with 3.  All the guys worked incredibly hard to start the season off wi
th a win against all odds.