MS Cross Country
Coach Amanda Clapper

10-20 - SW10 Bloomingdale Meet

This was the last meet of the season for the Colts and everyone did fantastically! This course was the same one that the runners ran on 10/16/21. We had two new PRs today: Billy Smith finished at 15:31 and Oscar Sullivan at 16:00. Aiden Woods and Aiden Clark had their second-best time of the season: Woods at 14:23 and Clark at 15:08. James Bogema and Rose DeLeeuw ran quicker the second time around on this course: James at 20:16 and Rose at 23:02. Sydney Woods finished at 18:12 and Adrianne McGrail at 20:46. Brenda Hummel made her debut and finished the race at 22:40. Way to go Colts!

10-16 - Bloomingdale Invitational

Trinity Hagenbuch beat her PR once again finishing at 22:15. Runners who were within one minute of a new PR included Aiden Clark at 15:41, Aiden Woods at 15:08, Sydney Woods at 16:53, Oscar and Sullivan at 16:58. Billy Smith finished for the Colts at 16:56, James Bogema finished at 20:34, and Rose DeLeeuw finished at 23:08. Way to go Colts!

10-9 - Allegan Invitational

This weekend Trinity Hagenbuch crushed her PR by a minute and a half finishing at 23:29. Billy Smith beat his PR by .1 second finishing at 15:42. The first for the Comstock girl to finish was Sydney Woods at 18:21 and behind her was Rose DeLeeuw at 21:30. The first Comstock boy to finish was Aiden Woods at 15:31. Next was Aiden Clark at 17:03 and Oscar Sullivan was right behind him at 17:06. James Bogema finished the race at 20:00. Way to go Colts!

10-6 - SW10 Meet at Bangor

What an amazing meet for the Colts! Aiden Woods finished in 11th place at 14:19, Aiden Clark finished 14th at 14:41, Billy Smith at 16:06, Oscar Sullivan at 16:50, and James Bogema at 19:21. Sydney Woods finished first for the girls at 18:06, the next runner was Rose DeLeeuw at 18:31, Adrianne McGrail at 20:22, and Trinity Hagenbuch at 25:03. HUGE SHOUTOUTS to James, Oscar, Rose, Trinity, Adrianne, Aiden Woods, and Aiden Clark for setting new PRs. Way to go Colts!

9-2 - Otsego Invitational

Aiden Clark finished first for the boys at 15:45. Following was Aiden Woods at 16:16 and Billy Smith at 16:43. Not too long after was Oscar Sullivan at 18:36 and James Bogema at 21:15. Finishing first for the girls was Sydney Woods at 17:41. Following was Rose DeLeeuw at 20:28 and Adrianne McGrail at 20:37. Shoutout to Adrianne for setting a new PR. James and Rose each are awarded the Hungry Dawg award! James was 6 seconds away from a new PR and Rose beat her PR by two and a half minutes. Way to go Colts!

9-22 - SW10 Centreville Jamboree

The colts pushed through the cold, wet weather. Huge shout out to James Bogema (8th), Oscar Sullivan (6th), and Rose DeLeeuw (7th) for setting a new PR for the 1.65-mile runs! James' time was at 17:55, which was 15 seconds quicker than his previous run. Oscar beat his previous time by 59 seconds, finishing at 14:20. Rose's PR from this meet was 17:20, beating her old one by 19 seconds. Aiden Woods (8th) finished first for the Comstock boys at 13:26. Billy Smith (6th) was right after finishing at 13:41. A few people behind were Aiden Clark (8th) at 14:06. Sydney Woods (6th) finished first for the Comstock girls at 15:09. Way to go Colts!

9-18 - Comstock Invitational

The cross country team had their sole home invitational this weekend and out of nine runners, two of them received medals! Three other runners were within five people of getting a medal. Sydney Woods (6th) finished the girls' 5th/6th-grade race in 10th place at 16:42, receiving a medal. Billy Smith (6th) completed the boys' 5th/6th-grade race in 13th place at 15:42, receiving a medal. Oscar Sullivan (6th) was right behind finishing at 18:26. Aiden Woods (8th) had the quickest time for Comstock at 14:55. Aiden Clark (8th) was right behind him at 15:09. James Bogema (8th) was 3 seconds away from his PR from last year at 21:10. Adrianne McGrail (7th) finished first for the Comstock 7th/8th-grade race at 20:44. Rose DeLeeuw (7th) was right behind at 23:57. Trinity Hagenbuch (8th) finished the race at 26:50. Way to go Colts!

9-11 - Lakeview Invitational

Comstock Middle School Cross Country Team faced their first meet of the season running 1.65 miles. Out of  179 boys, Aiden Woods came in 48th place with an 11:22 time! Billy Smith was not far behind with a finish time of 12:07.  Aiden Clark finished at 13:14. Then, 6th grader, Oscar Sullivan finished at 15:19. James Bogema finished the race at 18:13. The girls' race had 161 runners! Sydney Woods was the first Comstock girl to finish at 14:18 in 83rd place. Following was Adrianne McGrail at 16:41. Role DeLeeuw was not far behind finishing at 17:39. Trinity Hagenbuch ended this first race at 21:15. A big congratulations to all the runners on their first season meet!