JV Volleyball

Coach Kate Corbett


FRONT ROW - Tyreece Terry, Cassi Stephens, Alexis Aumack


BACK ROW - Coach Kate Corbett, Sophia Thome, Jonae Allen, Alyssa Coleman, Ella Lauer, Elizabeth Heimann


9-7 Portage Northern Tournament

Game 1: Comstock vs. Purma: 8-25

Game 2: Comstock vs. Purma: 8-25

Game 1: Comstock vs. Portage Northern: 11-25

Game 2: Comstock vs. Portage Northern: 3-25

Game 1: Comstock vs. Hackett: 21-25

Game 2: Comstock vs. Hackett: 11-25

Game 1: Comstock vs. Mendon: 17-25

Game 2: Comstock vs. Mendon: 22-25


Grace Miles and Sophia Thorne (one of our foreign exchange students from Germany) were spotlight players for the tournament. They were being aggressive on the net with blocking and improving their defensive play. Once the JV girls gel as a team they will rise to the top!


9-5 - Comstock 0 - Dowagiac 2

Game 1: 19-25

Game 2: 15-25


9-2 - Comstock 1 - Hartford 2

Game 1: 8-28

Game 2: 27-25
Game 3: 10-15
Tori McNett did a spectacular job last night! She is stepping up as a setter this season. Last year she was a middle blocker for the JV volleyball team. She is a versatile player, which is awesome!


8-28 - Schoolcraft Tournament

vs Vicksburgh - 8-25, 13-25

vs Schoolcraft - 14-25, 6-25

vs Kalamazoo Christian - 16-25,14-25


Today we played in the Schoolcraft JV Volleyball Tournament. This was our second tournament for the season. The Comstock JV volleyball girls are showing improvements on an everyday basis. They need to keep working hard in practice and apply those skills to the games. Jonae Allen has stepped up to the plate to play this season, she is a hard worker and is a great leader for her fellow teammates.


8-24 - Comstock Tournament

vs Sturgis - 11-21,5-21

vs Three Rivers - 9-21, 5-21

vs White Pigeon - 9-21,17-21

vs Niles - 8-25, 5-25