Ayanna Wilson

Ayanna WilsonAyanna Wilson

Class of 1993

On December 11, 1974, a beautiful flower blossomed (Ayanna Tene Wilson).  She was a not-so tiny person, a little person GOD entrusted to us.  When she came home from the hospital with her withered Mom and proud Dad, Nikki (February 22, 1972) realized that she had a sister.  As they grew up, they competed against each other – both hated losing!  On September 3, 1979 another flower appeared (Danya).  The latter did not care about competition; she was just cool!

Ayanna grew into a fierce competitor which was made evident as a Comstock Youth Association (CYA) athlete.  She played soccer, softball, volleyball and basketball.  Yana excelled in the latter two!  Her CYA team composed of Parker, Gleerum, Bell, Boer, Arnie and others were just as competitive.  Their coach quite often told them, “I appreciate seeing strong people excel as a team.  You girls are strong; Yana, you will be stronger.”  I wanted her to be strong, to have a certain steeliness that would keep her pushing forward to succeed as an athlete.  Comstock HS was fortunate for her fierceness and competitiveness.  As a group they kicked butt on the courts – both boys’ and girls’ teams.  That core group were middle school teammates with new found athletes and friends: Roeschek, Perry, Briggs, Stanton, Keller, Whitfield, Driver, Frizzo, Hotrum, etc.  They continued to kick butt!  That group of athletes graduated to the HS.  Ayanna grew taller and stronger.  Because of her athleticism, the Comstock HS girls’ teams in both basketball and volleyball were the champions of the Wolverine Conference from 1990-93.  All state in both basketball and volleyball in the same academic year is quite an accomplishment.  You Go Girl!

The Wilson family would like to thank the following for assisting Yana in her journey:

The Ultimate Creator, Kordupel, Boer, Homes, Various AAU Coaches, Hoopsters Classic Association, Northside Ministerial Alliance Basketball League, O-Neal, Coochie, Walt Wesley

To the Hall of Fame Selection Committee, thank you for finally honoring and admitting another beautiful flower into the Comstock Colt garden.

Dad and Coach

Dr. Ben Wilson


Comstock High School

  • Volleyball – 2 Varsity Letters
    • 1991-93 USA Junior Olympics
    • 1992 3rd Team All State
    • 1992 & 93 1st Team Wolverine Conference
    • 1993 MHSAA State Championship Team – 61-6
    • 1993 1st Team All State
    • 1993 Michigan Volleyball All Star Game
  • Basketball – 3 Varsity Letters
    • 1991 – 4th Team All State
    • 1991 – MHSAA Final Four
    • 1992 & 93 1st Team Wolverine Conference
    • 1992 1st Team All State
    • 1993 1st Team All State
    • 1,065 Career Points

Indiana University

  • Basketball – 1993-95

Lansing Community College

  • Volleyball – 1995-97
    • 2nd Team All American

Athletic Honors

  • 2019 Comstock Athletic Hall of Fame