8th Boys

8th Grade Boys
Coach Shawn Baker

2-17 - Harper Creek Tournament
Comstock 41 - Jackson Northwest 29
Comstock 42 - Gull Lake 39
Comstock 32 - Coldwater 40
Comstock 44 - Eaton Rapids 33
Semi Final - Comstock 36 - Cereal City 53

The 8th grade boys traveled to Harper Creek to play in a 2 day tournament  over the weekend. The boys played hard with no quit. While playing all top level teams they managed to win their pool and advance to the semifinals of the tournament. This is the farthest these boys have made it in this tournament.  In the first game the boys played Jackson Northwesst winning 41-29. The boys were lead by 18 from Josh Allen followed by 6 points form Jr Kellum and 2 points from Caleb Gostlin.  In the second game the boys played Gull Lake in a very spirited Comptition winning 42-39 with a last second steal by Caleb Gostlin to seal the win. Bryeden Snow had 4 points while Rj Baker and Johnny Patterson played amazing defense while in the game.  In the third game the boys played Coldwater Red loosing 40-32 in a very good game. Isreal Patterson had 10 points and a lot of big rebounds while Josh Allen had 12 points. Dj Howard played hard the entire game taking on the teams best players all game long on defense.  In the fourth game the boys avenged a loss form earlier in the season beating Eaton Rapids 44-33. The game was lead by Josh Allen with 14 points and multiple rebounds. A great defensive steal by Rj Baker sparked the team and they ran away from that point. Isreal Patterson had 12 points and Breyden Snow had 4.  In the semi final game the boys took on Cereal City from Battle Creek. Loosing 53-36. The boys played their heart out but at the end didn't have anything left in the tank to keep up with the fast paced team. Josh Allen lead the way with 20 points while Isreal Patterson had 8 and Dj Howard had 4. Caleb Gostlin had 2 points.

2-10 - Homer Tournament

Comstock 37 - Rip City 35
Comstock 38 - Dakalb, IN 53
Comstock 38 - Coldwater 56

The 8th grade boys traveled to Homer to play 3 games in which they went 1-2 against very tough competition.  In the first game the boys took on rip city form Jackson winning 37-35 in a nail bitter. Josh Allen lead the way with 14 points. Bryce Carter hit a big 3 to put he boys up and keep the lead.  In the second game the boys played an AAu team Dekalb Indiana. They played hard but came up short in the contest 53-38. Jr Kellum had 8 points while Isreal Patterson 8 as well. Rj Baker  and Johnny Patterson played a great defensive game.  In the last game of the evening the boys played Coldwater red losing 56-38. The game was a fast up and down game Breyden Snow had 2 points while Josh Allen had 17. Bryce Carter helped keeping it close for a while by hitting 2 big 3 pointers.

1-27 - Pennfield Tournament Champion
Comstock 24 - Eaton Rapids 35
Comstock 40 - Union City 26
Comstock 41 - Gull Lake 30
Comstock 39 - Lakeview 20
Comstock 49 - Portage Northern 41

The 8th grade boys traveled to Pennfeild this weekend to play in a 2 day tournament. The boys went 4-1 over the weekend to bring home the championship.  The boys started off playing Eaton  Rapids getting beat 35-24. Bryce carter had a 3 pointer along with Lakario White.  In the 2nd game the boys played Union City winning 40-26. Josh Allen scored a game high 26 points along with great defense by Caleb Gostlin, Lakario White and Rj Baker.  In the 3rd game the boys took on the Gull Lake 8th graders winning 41-30 in a game that was never that close. Jeremiah Barker scored 2 points in the game along with Jr Kellum scoring 13 points.
In the 4th game the boys played Lakeview winning 39-20. Isreal Patterson scored 10 points hitting 2 clutch 3's. Josh Len had 18 points. The defense was the star of the game though.
In the championship game the boys played Portage northern in an absolute nail bitter. The boys won 49-41 bringing home the hardware. This game had the rollercoaster feel of a great game. The defense was outstanding in this fast paced game. Braydon Snow took the best gaurd in the tournament not on comstock. Josh Allen had 21 points it took a team effort to get this win.

2018 Tournament Champions

1-13 - Comstock Tournament Champions
Comstock 58 - Penn 48
Comstock 48 - Lakeview 22
Comstock 47 - Homer 27

The 8th grade stampede team went 3-0 wining their first championship of the season.
In the first game the boys played Penn form Indiana beating them 58-48 in a really good game. Leading scorers where Josh Allen with 20 points followed by Isreal Paterson with 19 points.
In the second game the boys took control after being down 8-0 to start the game. Once taking the lead they never looked back taking the win over Lakeview 48-22. Jr Kellum had a 1/2 court shot to end the first half of the game. He had 21 points.  Everyone had great plays all game long.  In the finale the boys played Homer winning 47-27. The team played extremely well with the game never in doubt. Brayden Snow had 5 points Dj howard and Caleb Gostlin caused many turnovers on defense.