8th A Team


8th Grade A Team

Coach Justin Ansel

3-5 - Comstock 66 - Vicksburg 22

The 8th grade girls A team finished up their regular season beating Vicksburg 66-22.  Everyone scored for the Colts and 4 girls finished with double figures.  Caylin Lopez led the way with 19 points.  Daisy Ansel had 13 points and 9 assists.  Emily Hainer scored 11 points including her 1st 3 pointer and Abby House scored 10.  The girls shared the ball really well and did a great job defending.  Kaitlynne Burns continues to develop on the offensive side scoring 8 points and Madelyn Caswell and Gabrielle Langejans did a great job as well.

3-2 - Comstock 61 - Schoolcraft 19

The 8th grade girls A basketball team beat Schoolcraft last night 61-19.  Abby House and Caylin Lopez led the Colts with 19 points while Daisy Ansel had 14 points and 10 assists.  The girls were firing on all cylinders playing great defense and moving the ball around really well on offense.  Everyone scored for the Colts.

2-28 Comstock Tournament Champion
Comstock 39 - Gull Lake 30
Comstock 58 - Delton-Kellogg 31

The 8th grade A team won the Comstock Girls Basketball tournament on Saturday.  They beat Gull Lake in the 1st game 39-30.  Caylin Lopez and Daisy Ansel came through in the 4th quarter with some big free throws.  Lopez led the team with 17 points and Daisy Ansel had 9 points and 7 assists.  In the championship game, Comstock beat Delton-Kellogg 58-31 behind a great team effort in the 2nd half.  Abby House led the way with 18 points and 10 rebounds.  Caylin Lopez also dropped in 21 points.  Kaitlynne Burns had her best game scoring 10 points with 6 of them coming in the 1st half at a crucial time.  Daisy Ansel finished with 12 assists in the game While Madelyn Caswell finished with 11 rebounds.  Gabrielle Langejans also had a great game playing great defense.

2-25 - Comstock 41 - St. Monica 19

The 8th grade A girls basketball team beat St. Monica last night 41-19.  Madelyn Caswell did a great job on her birthday scoring 10 points in the game and Nareai McPherson did a great job as well.

2-24 - Comstock 55 - Bronson 36

The 8th grade girls A team stayed undefeated last night beating a good Bronson team 55-36.  Caylin Lopez led the Colts with 17 points while Daisy Ansel scored 12 points, Abby House 10 points and Madelyn Caswell 8 points.  Daisy Ansel also finished with 8 assists on the night and Abby House and Madelyn Caswell had 9 rebounds each.  Gabrielle Langejans, Kaitlynne Burns, Emily Hainer and Jaime Jeffries all played good minutes as well.

2-23 - Comstock 48 - Kalamazoo Christian 22

The 8th grade girls A team played Kalamazoo Christian last night and won 48-22.  Daisy Ansel led the team with 19 points. Abby House had 12, Maddy Caswell had 7, Gabrielle Langejans had 6 and Kaitlynne Burns had 4. The girls played against a zone all night and did a great job passing through it to get good looks.  On the other end, they defended the flex cut great and did a wonderful job on the boards.

2-19 - Comstock 39 - Parchment 26

The 8th grade girls A team played Parchment last week and won 39-26.  Abby House led the Colts with 14 points while Daisy Ansel chipped in 10 and Madelyn Caswell had 8.  Abby House continues to develop in the post and did a great job defensively.

2-12 - Comstock Won vs Lakeview

2-11 - Comstock 39 - Galesburg-Augusta 9

The 8th grade girls basketball team beat Galesburg-Augusta 39-9 last night.  The Colts jumped out to a quick 10-0 lead and cruised from there.  Caylin Lopez led the Colts with 17 points and Daisy Ansel chipped in 11 points and had 7 assists.  Abby House scored on a great post move and Tamia Anderson scored on the break as well.

2-9 - Comstock 45 - Delton-Kellogg 33

The Colts had their toughest challenge of the season thus far and came out victorius.  The girls built a 20 point lead in the first half behind some great shooting from multiple girls.  Caylin Lopez led the Colts with 19 points and Daisy Ansel chipped in 16 points and had 8 assists.  Madelyn Caswell, Abby House and Gabrielle Langejans hit some outside shots and Kaitlynne Burns continues to improve on the defensive end.

2-4 - Comstock 58 - Constantine 19 Scrimmage

The 8th girls basketball team beat Constantine 58-19.  It took the girls a little bit of time to get rolling but once they did, they couldn't be stopped.  All of the girls scored on the night which included a nice post up move by Abby House, a nice steal and lay up by Jaime Jeffries and a nice power dribble lay up by Emily Hainer.  Nice job girls.

1-26 - Comstock 56 - St. Monica 0

The 8th A girls basketball team beat St. Monica last night rather easily.  All of the girls contributed in the scoring column.  Gabrielle Langejans and Katelynne Burns continue to do great things on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.  Nice job girls.

1-16 - Comstock 45 - Otsego 28 Scrimmage

The 8th girls team started off the season with a great game vs Otsego winning 45-28.  Caylin Lopez led the team with 16 points and Daisy Ansel chipped in 12.  Daisy Ansel led the team with 7 assists while Abby House ruled the boards with 12 of them.  Madelyn Caswell scored 7 points which included her 1st 3 of the season.  Gabrielle Langejans made a couple of long outside shots and played great defense.  Kaitlynne Burns continues to improve her hustle and tenacity.