4th Girls


4th Grade Girls

Coach Anna Meulenberg-Munn

8-13 Record

Camden Frontier Champions, Athens Champions

Coach Anna Meulenberg-Munn, Charlise Doremus, Madisyon Overholts, Macy Cannon, Avory Kerr, Kelci Wilson-Abrams NOT PICTURED - Karissa Gilley, Shelby Alexander, Mayson Scott, Kierra Garrett, Emma Tutt, Brynne Johnson

Game Information

Comstock Stampede Tournament - Pool Play
3-10 - Comstock 9 - Grand Ledge 20
3-10 - Comstock 18 - St. Joseph 20
3-10 - Comstock 24 - Athens 18
Athens Tournament - Champion
3-3 - Comstock 14 - Lakeview 6
3-3 - Comstock 24 - Reading 8
3-3 - Comstock 25 - Athens 14
The 4th grade girls Stampede traveled to Athens and won their 2nd championship of the season.  Their toughest game was the first of the day and Kierra Garrett, Brynne Johnson and Kelci Wilson-Abrams did a great job of getting the team going by hitting some big shots and getting some big rebounds.  Karissa Gilley and Macy Cannon did a great job on the defensive end while Shelby Alexander, Mayson Scott, Emma Tutt and Avory Kerr hustled all over the floor.
Comstock Stampede Tournament - Pool Play
2-19 - Comstock 14 - Angola 38
2-19 - Comstock 25 - Lakeview 25
2-19 - Comstock 25 - Marshall 19
The 4th grade girls Stampede hosted their first home tournament of the year over the weekend. The girls started off the day in a tough match up against Angola, losing 14-38. In the second game against Lakeview they came out much more alive but ended in a tie at 25-25.  Brynne Johnson was a very aggressive rebounder as well as scoring 9 points in the first quarter. Mason Scott did a great job defending her girl. In the third and final game of the day the girls played Marshall, winning 25-19. Kelci Wilson-Abrams, Emma Tutt and Avory Kerr all played great help-side defense and stayed between their girls and the basket. Leading the way in scoring was Kierra Garrett with 22 points. Great job girls.
Camden Frontier Tournament - Champions
1-29 - Comstock 19 - Pittsford 4
1-29 - Comstock 28 - Reading 12
1-29 - Comstock 22 - Camden 12
The 4th grade girls stampede team played in their first tournament of the year where they took home the championship! In the first game, Brynne Johnson was a rebounding machine and added 13 points. Karissa Gilley played great help-side defense. In the second game, our six 3rd graders came in very handy in this game and worked really hard. In the third game, they played against Camden Frontier to clench the championship title. Our three 4th grade girls really stepped up their game in this one. Kelci Wilson-Abrams defended the pick and roll really well.  Emma Tutt did a great job guarding between her girl and the basket. Great job ladies!
12-10 - Comstock 12 - Mattawan 29 

The 4th grade girl's played their final Rising Stars game of the season against Mattawan. The girls came out very sharp in the second half. Kelci Wilson- Abrams did an excellent job creating space and getting rebounds both on the offensive and defensive end . Karissa Gilley attacked the basket multiple times scoring a bucket and getting sent to the foul line twice to score a free throw each time. Two other scorers for the Stampede were Macy Cannon and Charlise Doremus. Good season girls!

12-3 - Comstock 4 - Lakeview 34

The girls played an aggressive Lakeview team Saturday. Charlise Doremus did a great job keeping the players she guarded from scoring. Madisyon Overholts continues to build her strength. Kelci Wilson-Abrams had some nice defensive blocks and Macy Cannon was a rebounding machine. 

11-19 - Comstock 10 - Pennfield 22

The 4th grade girls stampede basketball team traveled to Pennfield on Saturday morning. The girls continue to improve their skills. Lead scorer for Comstock was Kelci Wilson-Abrams with 4 points. Madison Overholts played great defense throughout the entire game.

11-12 - Comstock 8 - Three Rivers 43 

The 4th grade stampede team played Three Rivers in the second game of our double header. Scoring 2 points each in that game was Avory Kerr, Macy Cannon, Karissa Gilley, and Kelci Wilson-Abrams.

11-12 - Comstock 4 - Gull Lake 42 

The 4th grade girls stampede team played Gull Lake again. They played with a lot of heart against Gull Lake but couldn't come away with a win. Kierra Garrett scored all 4 points.

11-5 - Comstock 29 - Mendon 34

The 4th grade girls Stampede traveled to Mendon on Saturday. Although they didn't come away with a win the girls are improving tremendously. The offensive routine is finally starting to click. Kierra Garrett lead the team in scoring with 21 points. Kelci Wilson-Abrams chipped in 6 points while Macy Cannon added a bucket for them as well. Great job, girls.

10-29 - Comstock 0 - Gull Lake 42

The 4th grade girls Stampede basketball team traveled to Gull Lake on Saturday afternoon. Playing against a solid Gull Lake team, our girls couldn't do much with the ball. They continued to play hard throughout the entire game. Madisyon Overholts made some great passes along with Karissa Gilley bringing the ball up the court. 

10-29 - Comstock 19 - Marshall 24

The 4th grade girls Stampede team got off to a slow start in the first half against Marshall. In the second half the girls came out ready to win. Unfortunately they were unable to gain a lead and lost 19-24. The leading scorer was Kierra Garrett and on the defensive end, Avory Kerr played tremendous help-side defense.

10-22 - Comstock 10 - Portage Central 46

The 4th grade girls Stampede Basketball team traveled to Portage on Saturday morning to battle and lost a tough one to Portage Central. Charlise Doremus played good defense while Kelci Wilson-Abrams pulled down some aggressive rebounds. Great effort by the entire team.

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